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Monster Hunter World: The best armor in the game

  • Aug 08, 2020
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To be able to in Monster Hunter World, against all opponents, you need the best armor. Also if there is a flat rate not a Set, considered to be the best of the best, but the choice of different factors, as well as your Rank is dependent on, stand out some of the armor significantly as a very good choice.

The best armor for a beginner in Monster Hunter World

Relatively early in the Monster Hunter World , you can have the bone Set. It includes some bonuses that are for most of the classes very useful, gives a good defense value and is easy to craft to.
  • The bone-helmet gives you a health boost.
  • The bone-armor reinforced their attack.
  • The bone Bracers, the bone-Hüftring and the bone greaves have armor Skills, paralysis, Horn Maestro, and entomologist.
Armor in Monster Hunter World (picture: Capcom)

High Rank: The armor for advanced players

Also in the High Rank armor combination stands out, the following applies:, but depending on your weapon choice and your style of play a other armor can be useful. The combination of the Odogaron-armor of dragon king-eye patch is a very good armor for most of the players.
  • The dragon king-eye patch you buff with the armor Skills weakness advantage, bleed-resistance level 2, and critical view of level 1.
  • The Odogaron armor gives you circulation-resistance level 1 and Quick Sharpening level 2.
  • To do this, you carry the remaining parts of the Odogaron armor with Bracers, Hüftring and leg rails. They give you bonuses, Quick Sharpening, a critical view and a Quick Swallow.

Dragon elders with the best armor to defeat

To be able to even the strongest enemies in the Monster Hunter World beat, a better armor: The Nergigante Set not protects you only, but also increases massively to your damage.
  • The Nergigante helmet gives you a maximum of power level 2 and attack level 1.
  • With the Nergigante armor you get stamina recovery, level 2, and Agitator level 1.
  • By the Nergigante-arm you get armor Skills for work level 2 and attack level 1.
  • The Nergigante-Hüftring strengthening with endurance recovery level 1 and attack level 2.
  • Thanks to the Nergigante boots, you will also receive a maximum power level of 1, and Agitator level 1.
You need a sublime Horn, a piece of armor to be able to produce? Read with us as you get it.