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Monster Hunter World: Nergigante defeat - tips and Tricks

  • Mar 25, 2020
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The Nergigante in the Monster Hunter World is the great Antagonist. How you can defeat, you can find here.

Nergigante in the Monster Hunter World defeat - tips and Tricks

The greatest of all the elder Dragons in the Monster Hunter World to conquer, you need to prepare well.
  • During the Story you will meet already on the Nergigante, this is a fight but can't finish.
  • Prepare yourself, first, before, giving your armor upgrade, and a meal in the canteen to take and healing potions to equip. As additional equipment, you can take the life force sheath or the life force Booster.
  • The Nergigante counter, you need to be in the home of the Oldest travel.
  • You have to fight against the Nergigante with a weapon, the Thunder-causing damage. The biggest weakness of this counter-Thunder-weapons. You do not have to Hand, you can also use a weapon with dragon damage.
  • Note in the fight, that the Nergigante is a very aggressive opponent. Its spines can be cut off. You beat this is not regular, harden and cause your weapons to be more likely to bounce off.
  • If the Nergigante starts to attack, stay in motion. Especially, if this is carried in the air. After that, the Nergigante jolt lands on the ground, which can cause so much damage that you will be by this single attack, fainted.
  • As soon as he has performed this attack, however, it can be easily wound.
  • You interact with the environment. From the ceiling of crystals that you can solve with your slingshot to hang. You will meet with this crystal the Nergigante, he will be a high damage and a short period of time stunned suffer.
  • Position yourself during the fight under him, as the Nergigante to carry out his attacks, especially with the tail or the head. Also it can help the tail early to separate these attacks to stop.
Monster Hunter World - Nergigante defeat (Screenshot Amazon)
In our next tip, we show you where and how in Monster Hunter, World of the elder Dragons to be found.