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Monster Hunter World: Mount and Monster riding - how to

  • Aug 10, 2020
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In order to complete in Monster Hunter World, a successful hunt, the Mounting is a good method. Like you are riding a Monster, we'll show you in this practical tip.

Monster Hunter World: Mount and Monster riding - how to

The fighting styles are different in the case of the numerous hunters in Monster Hunter World. A technique to Hunt the Monster parts, however, are all hunters: the Monster riding a horse.
  • By riding, you can add the monsters constantly damage. Although these are only small amounts of Loss, but it can't reach you during this time. The Ride is successful, you can bring the animal at the end of dazed to the ground. Since it does not defend itself in this time, they are now a lot of damage.
  • To get to the giant Monster, you have to stand on a height. You sprint from this lead in the direction of the monster. Attack the Monster in the air. If you Hit it, there is a Chance that your character stops at the Monster fest.
  • In addition to the projections but there is also the possibility that you slide on, and while X/press A, this allows you to run an air attack.
  • The Monster will try again to throw off. Hold R2/RT. Particularly, when a Monster rams into walls or it wants to shake off, turns the screen red, and you have to hold on to.
  • If the Monster you discard, you can draw in the air with X/A or triangle/Y with the grappling hook back in the saddle.
  • Note: After a successful Ride you can the Monster not immediately climb!
Monster Hunter World: Mounting (Picture: Capcom)
In our next tip we will explain to you, whether it's in the Monster Hunter World in a Cross-Platform Multiplayer is.