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Monster Hunter World: lumps of flesh farms - so it goes

  • Aug 03, 2020
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In Monster Hunter World, you must master numerous Quests. How you lump the meat farms, we will explain in this practical tip.

Monster Hunter World: lumps of flesh farms - so it goes

In the Monster Hunter World you will get from the cooking Meawscular the Quest that you are giving him lumps of flesh to deliver to.
  1. First, locate the valley of the rot in the Monster Hunter World there are the lumps of flesh to find.
  2. You travel in territory 13, which is located to the East on the map. There you will find the Nest of the Monsters Odogaron. To get there, you need to by a tendril wall.
  3. The meat lumps are very noticeable and can be removed without problems. A lump of flesh, you will not be able to plug, however, such as eggs in your bag.
  4. Your task consists in the lump of flesh transported to the camp. They are hit only once by an opponent, your character of the lumps of flesh to fall. It is enough if your character stumbles. You have lost your lump of flesh, you can Nest at any time back in the Odogaron and a new get.
  5. Therefore, the only solution is to have a teammate that takes care of the beasts, or they run away. If you run, pay attention to your stamina. The stamina bar is to zero, the character drop the meat. You increase at the beginning of the Quest, and your stamina by eating in the canteen a little.
  6. They supply their meat from the lump in your warehouse in area eleven. There, you put it in the box of Materials and have mastered the Quest.
Monster Hunter World: Lump Of Flesh (Picture: Capcom)
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