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Monster Hunter World: bow use - tips and Tricks

  • Aug 05, 2020
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In addition to the many melee weapons there are in the Monster Hunter World is also long range weapons like the bow. How to use the bow, we will explain in this tip.

General information for bow

The bow in the Monster Hunter World is a tactical long range weapon.

  • For the bow you have your own ammo in different variants.
  • For beginners in the Monster Hunter series, it is difficult to get used to. If you don't also play in other Games with arch, you grab a different weapon.
  • The bow is in support of in Multiplayer, a Team.
  • Also, the bow has it's own weapon tree, in which you can your weapon with additional effects modify.
Bow to use the Monster Hunter World (image: Amazon)

Special hints for the ranged weapon

The bow has many features that you should know before playing with this.

  • With the bow you will not be hit by the Monster, especially when your teammates are in melee combat with the Monster.
  • In contrast to the melee weapons, the bow does not need to be sharpened.
  • Due to the different ammo you have to use a variety of ways the bow in battle. So you can use arrows, for example, the Monster with a Poison-over-time damage, or with a scattering of arrows directly to achieve a high damage value.
  • In the single-player mode, the sheet is difficult to handle, because the Monster is fixed only on you. This allows you to build any distance. In Multiplayer, the bow deals a lot of damage.
  • With the bow you can block but not attack. You learn early on how to Dodge them properly.
  • In addition, you have unlimited normal ammo, but the ammo with the special coating is always limited.

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