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MMR and Elo in League of Legends – What's behind it?

  • Jan 18, 2021
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In terms of League of Legends terms, such as MMR, or Elo will fall again and again. The Two terms are closely linked with the ranking system. What you have to know everything you can learn in our practical tip.

How do Elo and MMR in League of Legends?

Play League of Legends ranked games, you will automatically be 10 classification play in a specific League and Division introduced ranked - the is your Elo or MMR (Match Making Rating).

  • After your first 10 Ranked Games you will be classified first, and a League and Division assigned, such as, for example, silver III.
  • Already after the first game you can see in which League you enter. Now you can win in the classification games only points, but not lose.
  • In the case of searching for Opponents, the System is now trying to let them playing against opponents that have also approximately silver III Elo.
  • Depending on whether you win games against opponents with the same Elo or lose, you or from and play against better or worse opponents. How often you play or what Level you have, so it has no influence on who are you playing against.
  • If you are in the game, you can, for example, on the site op.gg to find out what is the Elo of your teammates and opponents are. Simply enter your name in the Search provider and make sure that you have selected the correct Server (EUW).
  • You have reached in your Division 100 LP, you will have to ascend for 3 consecutive promotional Games is the Chance to prove himself, and a Division by winning two of them.
  • Go to the League and want to climb from silver I to Gold IV, you have to win 3 out of 5 Promotion Games.

Overview: divisions and leagues in LoL

The entire League system of League of Legends in Season 9:

  • Iron IV iron I
  • Bronze IV to Bronze I
  • Silver IV to silver I
  • Gold IV to Gold I
  • Platinum IV to platinum I
  • Diamond IV to diamond I
  • Master (Master)
  • Grand Master (Grandmaster)
  • Challenger (Challenger)
  • A player wins the Master-Promo, there are no promotional Games: The 200 best players of the server automatically scales to the Challenger up. The next 700 best players in tendrils in the Grandmaster.
MMR and Elo in League of Legends

Hidden MMR What is it?

Thus, the enemy-search in LoL works better, not only is there the obvious Elo, in which they are classified. Each player has a Hidden MMR, which does not correspond to the League in which he plays.

  • The Hidden MMR is to improve the searching for Opponents.
  • Someone is going to win very many games at a stretch, increasing his Hidden MMR is stronger than his Elo.
  • Is the Hidden MMR is better than the Divisionyou play in, it can for example happen that a player in platinum IV, but mainly against diamond IV plays. As a reward, he gets an above average number of LP, and it skips any divisions to more quickly reach an adequate Elo.
  • If the Hidden MMR is worse than the Division of a player, they get off faster. He loses with a lost Game, many LP and you must always expect when he reaches 0 LP in a Division, so that, for example, from silver III to silver IV graduated.

In the next tip we will explain you how you can League of Legends properly update.