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Minecraft Server for rent, free of charge: the best provider

  • Aug 06, 2020
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In this practical tip we will tell you how to rent a Minecraft Server for free. Nothing is more fun in the way.

1. Free Minecraft Server Aternos

The project Aternos is a free program that will give you a Mincecraft Server provides.

  • You can easily start on the Button that says "Start my Server". After a short registration you can start directly.
  • The provider gives you an extensive guide on how to configure your Server properly.
  • The Support of Aternos responds very quickly and solves problems that may arise for you.
  • In the case of Aternos, you can set the Server the way you need it to Play. Here you can Modpacks and Plugins to add and each world of its own upload.
  • The Minecraft Server that you create is DDoS protected. In order to be protected against attacks on the Server.
Aternos is suitable as a Mincecraft Server well.
(Image: Screenshot)

2. Free Minecraft Server: Minehub

Minehub is financed through donations and advertising revenue. Prior to the visit the website should you turn off the AdBlocker, to the operators to support.

  • In Minehub you rent a Server for three days before you want to play with your friends. You don't play for longer than 2 days, you can extend the Server for free. You want to rent the server spontaneously, you have to pay a contribution to costs.
  • You can register by simply sending an E-Mail and log in.
  • Select the Server that you want to. After this law was quickly created, you will be directly online.
  • Furthermore, a web interface, powerful Server Hardware and DDoS protection is.
  • Upload your own worlds via the FTP access up.
The Minecraft Server Minehub must be rented in advance.
(Image: Screenshot)

3. Free Minecraft Server provider on the Forum

In this Minecraft Forum you can find providers that give you a free Server available. Also "sponsorship" is possible.

  • The Server, which you can find in the Forum, to be financed with advertising.
  • Depending on the provider setting up the server is different. Often you get a Server that is already set up for you completely and you are with your friends can use for free.
  • An offer is frivolous, it will warn the other users of the forum prior to the use of the offer.

We will show you how to do should, if you are on your Minecraft Server join can.