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Minecraft Animals Mod: The 3 best pet-modifications

  • Jul 15, 2020
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Sixteen different animals are currently present in. Minecraft. If that is too little, you can rely on these amazing Animals-Mods.

Minecraft: Mo's Creatures Mod

  • The most well-known Animals Mod, the Mo's Creatures Mod is. Hundreds of new animals to be added after the Installation.
  • The biodiversity of this Mods is huge. Whether it's animals to water, Land or in the air, any better-known species is included. To discover there are small insects of all kinds, and also Urgiganten such as mammoths, you can also ride a horse.
  • A special feature is that not only passive and neutral NPCs are included. The Mod also adds hostile creatures attack the player immediately. Examples of malicious Golems or werewolves are normal people, but after Nightfall for the monsters to mutate are.
  • Here is the Download of Mo's Creatures.
Mo's Creatures Mod: Mammut

Minecraft: Animals Plus Mod

  • A large selection of Animals Plus Mod provides. However, there are no completely fictional or extinct species. Thus, the player receives a true-to-life Fauna of spiders in the thicket to hide, penguins play in the icy wastes, and birds sing of the day.
  • The developers paid special attention to the oceanic wildlife. The seas of the Minecraft world are no longer populated only by squid, but also of clown fish, manta rays or dolphins.
  • Follow this Linkto the Animals Plus Mod download.
Animals Plus Mod: Whales

Minecraft: Animals Bikes Mod

  • Not so exactly with the reality of the Animal Bikes Mod takes it. The creatures not to slip here, as usual, from eggs, but are generated by wheels. Sounds weird, but it is so.
  • Also, the animals themselves, it has not been able to discover in the real world yet. From Final Fantasy's "Chocobo" to the Easter Bunny here are the seltsamstem beings can be found. Even more exciting is to explore this.
  • The Highlight of the black dragon is, without a doubt. You can go with this, even in the air, if you have crafted the associated saddle. Plus point of this mod is that actually all of the new animals can be mounted.
  • Here is the download link.
Animals Plus Mod: Dragon
How these Minecraft Mods are simple install, you will learn in this practical tip.