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Minecraft 1.13: The most important innovations

  • Aug 05, 2020
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In this practical tip we will provide you with all the important new features of Minecraft 1.13.

Minecraft 1.13: The most important innovations

Minecraft 1.13 also known as the "Aquatic Update" comes with a variety of practical functions.
  • For one, there is now blue, violet, pink, red and yellow and dead corals. In addition, there are also fan-coral that you can use, for example, as a decoration. Coral allows you to place only in the water.
  • Also, you can craft them from four strains of a species of a cattle block. If you make a tribe a right-click with an axe, you can remove the bark. Case, doors, buttons and pressure plates are now also available in different wood varieties.
  • Very important for the Aquatic Update the oceans: Here, there are a variety of biomes ("landscapes"). Canyons and ship wrecks you can find now also.
  • Furthermore, there is also fish, turtles and other underwater Mobs. New underwater Items, such as a Trident added.
Minecraft 1.13 (Source: Pixabay)
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