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LoL Guide: Twitch adc

  • Oct 18, 2020
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Twitch is an outstanding and very own AD Carry in League of Legends. This LoL Guide you to make the ADC to the best on the field.

The Skills of the rat

Really good Twitch while only at the end of a game, but by his Stealth Skill, he has a lot of wonderful ways to make his opponents Trouble and put you in fear and terror. His poison always ensures re-Kills, which would escape other Champions.
  1. "Ambush" (Q) makes Twitch invisible for a few seconds and leaves him then with increased attack speed to appear out of nowhere. Its advantage over Teemo, who has a similar passive Skill, is the freedom of movement. The Skill is activated, he can act is still free, however, the Camouflage takes longer, if he is involved in a fight. Aggressive Camouflage can help in the case of an escape, the extended time is essential, and not infrequently fatal. The mix of Utility and Buff power of "Ambush," an important Skill, because you directly to "Expunge" to level 5 should bring.
  2. "Venom Cask" (W) is a area spell that slows all affected enemies for two charges administered poison. In order for a Gank excellent to initiate, to complicate the escape and "Expunge" to prepare. A point on Level 2 or 3 is enough, at level 5 you bring the "Venom Cask" at best only towards the end of the Match.
  3. "Expunge" (E) attacks all poisoned enemies within Twitch. The more poison charges just seem, the more direct damage triggers Expunge. Therefore, it is worth to wait for a Gank always, up to the maximum of six toxic units is reached, before triggering Expunge. The poison of twitch's passive Skill affects more then regular, so you can use Expunge whenever it makes sense. Accordingly, this Skill should reach the first Level 5.
  4. "Spray and Pray" (R) is twitch's Ultimate. For a few seconds his Auto-Attack-arrows by shooting through all the enemies and have greater range. Combine that with high attack speed and On-Hit effects such as twitch's built-in poison, and you have a deadly machine. If you are in a team fight with it, and then "Expunge" trigger, can you get to loose a Pentakill.
The invisible enemy

AD-Carry runes for Twitch

Twitch is an AD Carry, as he is in the book, and receives, accordingly, the runes, the easier his life in the Bot Lane and make it in addition, the engine of destruction he is supposed to be at the end of the Match.
  • Marks: in Order to have the Last Hits for the Gold, less problems, and badder Pokes make, take simple Attack Damage Marks. For a stronger Late Game Armor Penetration Marks are worth it. Alternatively, the Attack Speed works on Twitch is wonderful, but it makes the beginning of the game a little more difficult.
  • Seals: to be able to Poke enemy Carrys better once the corners are Armor-rune of duty. This is too easy, you can install here, too, the less efficient the Attack Speed Seals in order to increase your damage.
  • Glyphs: The AD Carry is almost always the first target of the AP Carrys Mid Lane, so Magic Resist runes requirement for the glyphs. Are you afraid of strong magic attacks from the beginning, take the direct Boost, otherwise, it is recommended that the scaling to take runes from Level 7 equivalent and, increasingly, stronger.
  • Quint-essences: a Lump sum you lie with Attack Damage in Quints is always right, Life Steal or Movement Speed are also useful, if you tend more to the Utility.
Hard choice: AD or Pen


AD Carry-glass cannon, the better, as far as possible from their enemies, but also considerable damage to the make, as long as you can. This is reflected in the 21/9/0 Masteries.
  • Offense: Twitch takes everything Offensive, which has to do only with Attack Damage. The only "Butcher" and "Destruction" you should not. The two additional points of damage it takes, because you have the appropriate runes. For the Summoner Spell "Ignite" and "Exhaust" is it worth the point in "Summoner's Wrath", you can get directly at "Fury" or "Brute Force"
  • Defense: Invest in more life-points by "Durability" and "Veteran's Scar" and push with the remaining points, armor, and Magic Resist. Usually, the three points are worthwhile in "Hardiness" more than in "Resistance".
  • Utility: In General, Twitch is not played with the Utility, but the speed bonus of the "Wanderer" in combination with "Ambush" is very good. Also, Summoner's Insight and Mastermind can "save" the reduced Cooldown of Flash to her life. "Runic Affinity" is a nice Bonus, if you collect then later the Red Buff on a regular basis.
21/9/0 pure AD-violence

The right Equipment for Twitch

You want to make as quickly as possible big holes. This calls for a "Phantom Dancer" and "Infinity Edge".
  • Depending on the Support you start off with "Doran's Blade" (with competent healers like Soraka), or boots and three healing potions.
  • You can buy a "Vampiric Scepter" as a precursor to the "Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King," and you don't buy the base shoes "Berserker's Greaves" for the Attack Speed, if you need situational defensive Items.
  • If you have Kills enough money, you can proceed directly on a "B. F. Sword", otherwise you invest in a "Zeal" as a precursor to the "Phantom Dancer" and save the individual parts of the "Infinity Edge".
  • You will then make the "Phantom Dancer" is finished, then it remains your preference, whether you build now "Bloodthirster or Blade of the Ruined King" from the Scepter.
  • If you have the core finished, you can record a "Last Whisper" in the Build, so that Tanks have no Chance. You want to overdo it correctly, also helps a "Black Cleaver", armor to bring the carrier also cry. If you are uncreative, a second "Phantom Dancer" is also an Option, which drives your Attack Speed and your Crit Chance in the height. "Runaan's Hurricane" is happy Attack Speed-friends, and spread with the triple shot, especially three servings of poison. The Item makes therefore Twitch a lot of fun, even if it is not absolutely necessary.
  • A very good defensive option for Twitch is "Frozen Mallet". A little additional damage, some life points, and an On-Hit effect you can get with your huge attack speed is maintained at all times.
AD-Carry through-and-through

Summoner Spells

Flash is a must for AD Carries to get to in an emergency, but still. Also Twitch is no exception. Whether you want to play very aggressively with "Ignite", the slightly more defensive "Exhaust", or to be very careful with the "Cleanse" or "Barrier" are is a matter of Preference. Important is only, that you can customize your Masteries.

Basic tips for rat care

  • It always makes for confusion if the opponent can't see a Champion. But if this Champion can camouflage, it works even better. Her Disappearance is reported quickly. They cause panic by back for a short time triple.
  • Twitch is an Attack Speed Monster, you deviate from the suggested Item Build and you try On-Hit effects.
  • If you cloak in her Bush hidden, you can fall many opponents in the back, because the suspect that you have to wait. You run disguised in the flight path of your opponent and you use your Burst to zersäbeln to the life points in zero time.
Carry on grants
Essential for every battle in League of Legends is not only that you have mastered your Champion, but also the Knowledge of your opponent. If you regularly fast check want, who are you there is the League of Legends Champions App is a good companion for you.


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