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LoL Guide Katarina mid

  • Oct 20, 2020
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Katarina is a talented Mid-assassin in LoL. This League of Legends Guide sharpens your Blades and makes them the most dangerous Champion on the field of battle.

Katarina's Assassin Arsenal

Katarina is an extremely agile character with high Burst that can bring inattentive opponent in seconds for the route. Since she has no Mana, it benefits enormously from its passive ability "Voracity," which is reduced after each Kill or Assist your Cooldowns. In a successful team fight you can use your skills nonstop.
  1. "Bouncing Blades" (Q) is extremely useful for Katarina and will be in most cases, the Skill, the first get to Level 5, to give Katarina a range advantage. Even if a large number of Minions between you and your opponent are, you can poken with "Bouncing Blades" good and don't need to rush with anything other than "Sinister Steel" in the middle of the battle field.
  2. "Sinister Steel" (W) is an extremely strong Skill, because he makes a lot of damage and is also frequently and extensively distributed. It works best if you mark with "Bouncing Blades" only five Minions, and directly afterwards, with "Sinister Steel", the Hits get. Against most of the Mid Laner he is, however, only a moderate Poke, since you have to get too close and, in General, more damage, cash, as you can dish out. The Speedbuff at the champion hunting helps.
  3. "Shunpo" (E) is mainly a Utility Skill, the ranbringt you close to your opponent. Great thing is that you can also jump to allies - for example, ward -. Used properly, they can survive some very unfortunate Situation. For aggressive Harass you mark your opponent with a "Bouncing Blades", jump - if necessary - with "Shunpo" directly to him and get out of here then, "Sinister Steel", a big hole in your target.
  4. "Death Lotus" (R) is Katarina's Ultimate, with which you can add up to three objectives to extreme damage. The disadvantage is that the Skill can be interrupted by Stun. Please ensure that in duels, the Stuns come before you light Lotus. This applies in team fights as well, where you also can position it such that they don't get goals that you can break.
Lotus in Action

Katarina's Rune

Katarina's Job is primarily to cause as much damage as possible. For that, you sacrifice in runes, Masteries and equipment a lot of security, but your opponent will be all the more fall faster.
  • Marks: by far The best choice for Katarina's Marks Magic Penetration is to make your Skills more powerful.
  • Seals: armor you need in the Mid Lane rather less, therefore, invest for your defense in the best scaling health.
  • Glyphs: Depending on how safe you feel in the Lane, take it for glyphs Magic Resistance or Ability Power. So you either cope with more Poke from your opponents or poken in return, even from the beginning stronger.
  • Quint-essences: Ability Power, as the Quintessence is a very strong Boost, alternatively, also the Movement Speed is a good but rare choice.
More damage is not

Masteries for assassins

Katarina focuses on offensive Masteries, and combined this with a slight defensive bonus. Alternatively, 21/0/9, so an easier Utility, are also possible, but riskier in the Mid Lane.
  • Offense: Katarina plays with 21 offensive points, which are distributed to all of the AP Skills. Only "Mental Force" will have to do without on a point that goes for the Ignite Buff in "Summoner's Wrath". "Havoc" and "Executioner" round up the Aggro package.
  • Defense: With "Durability" and "Veteran's Scars" push Katarina's life points, and Resistance helps in the Mid Lane due to the additional Magic Resistance.
  • If you want to do without on Defense, there are also acceptable Utility option: "Walker", "Summoner's Insight and Improved Recall" are not important, but, nevertheless, very useful for Katarina. But, above all, "Mastermind" can help.
21/9/0 is a good Balance

The right Equipment for Katarina

Katarina is benefiting in part from Attack Damage, but all of the Skills benefit from Ability Power. Since Katarina is using this constant, you should focus on a AP Build.
  • In General, you open up a soak with your shoes, and Salvation, and get relatively soon, "Haunting Guise".
  • Value of the shoes, depending on the situation - in the best case, if you have any Trouble with their opponents, to "Sorcerer's Shoes".
  • In order to survive better in Lane, you invest in the Spell Vamp of the "Hextech Revolver". Alternatively, you try to directly, "to get Rabadon's Deathcap".
  • You build from the "Haunting Guise" "Liandry's Torment", to give your Skills a powerful On-Hit effect, and then either "Void Staff", or "Hextech Gunblade" - both of these Items are worth.
  • Defensively, an "Abyssal Scepter" for Magic Resistance is worth it, "Zhonya's Hourglass" for Armor and "Warmog's Armor" for life. "Death fire Grasp" on the other hand is a luxury item, when you roll over their opponents already. In order for you to make the bag then.
Everything is there for the victory

Katarina's Summoner Spells

"Flash" and "Ignite" are essential tools for such an aggressive character. Instead of "Ignite" is also "Exhaust" Option, so you collect less damage in duels and your aim your Ultimate to escape. "Ignite," however, is just at important in the beginning is better to secure Kills that would otherwise escape.

Essential Katarina-Know

  • Katarina makes a living as quickly as possible as many of the Kills pile up. You visit often the other lane for a quick Gank, if you see the opportunity. Of course, this should happen in a coordinated, but if they see a Chance to beat them, without too long thinking about it.
  • Katarina's greatest enemy Stuns are. They, therefore, leave necessarily a Tank these skills before you jump into a team fight with Shunpo in the middle and Lotus kindle.
  • Shunpo is great to escape from awkward situations, if an allied object is like a Ward in the vicinity. Place, therefore, within reach, before you gank, so you get out in an emergency again.
Katarina admits
If you have mastered the Champion of your choice, it is important to know about all the enemies, so that you can consist of in the League. But with over 100 playable characters, you lose the Overview. For quick Lookup by the way, is excellent, the Android App League of Legends Championsthat you all important to your opponents and allies reveals.


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