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League of Legends (LoL) Lissandra - a Guide

  • Sep 24, 2020
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Lissandra dominated as the ice witch League of Legends (LoL) and with your cool Disables the Mid Lane. With this Guide the entire Summoner Rift's to your frosty rich.

Lissandra's icy abilities

As a typical Mid Laner Lissandra is an AP Carry with high Burst potential, combined with the but also with many Crowd Control effects and versatile Utility. In order for your combo skin, but really clean, must you stand right in the middle of the enemy ranks, which can be extremely risky.
  1. "Ice Shard" (Q) is lissandra's primary attack spell that you can use to clean up Minion waves extremely quickly. Not to fit you, therefore, to not come too early to the enemy tower, so that you are back vulnerable. The Slow effect only affects the first target. However, since the additional shards have more range, you can get even without a Slow a Kill if a fleeing Champion is unhappy. You bring Ice Shard is the first one on Level 5.
  2. In the case of "Ring of Frost" (W) is the Name of the program and a Root in the Luggage. With an early point, you can secure both additional all-Round-Burst as well as good escape as well as Kill options. Whether you bring the Ring, or is it only "Glacial Path" at Level 5, is a matter of taste.
  3. "Glacial Path" (E) is lissandra's single Skill without Debuff, but a built-in Flash, which makes them extremely mobile. A point on Level 2 or 3 is enough, but if you can also deal aggressively with the Skill better than Ring of Frost, pull up your Glacial Path to Ice Shard.
  4. "Frozen Tomb" (R) is lissandra's Ultimate and should be leveled as such always. Either you stun a fragile target and hit properly damage out of it or use it to make himself in the middle of your opponent invulnerable, and large-scale damage. As soon as you can do more than catch an opponent with it, the latter is almost always the best Option. But you do not communicate this Plan to your Team let you down.
Ice leaves behind deep wounds

The Runenset of the frost Queen

Lissandra is a typical glass cannon to do with a big Burst maximum damage. This is reflected in their runes, of course.
  • Marks: Magic Penetration or, alternatively, scaling or direct AP-bonuses all work very well, the former especially in the Late Game, the former especially for early Pokes.
  • Seals: Lissandra catches also been a hit, Seals of Armor are wrong about never.
  • Glyphs: Is your Mid Lane opponent is very aggressive, will also sit in some of the magic, so Magic is attached Resist also. You want to be a bit more aggressive, is Cooldown Reduction a good choice.
  • Quint-essences: Flat Ability Power gives your Spells that extra dose of oomph.
AP makes the thickness of

Icy Burst-Masteries

As usual for aggressive Champions also Lissandra is focused on the Offensive tree 21/9/0 or, alternatively, 21/0/9.
  • Offense: "Summoner's Wrath" is very useful as Lissandra, you can often use Ignite and, accordingly, often this Bonus taps. For that, you sacrifice a point of "Mental Force" - the Bonus here is constant, but smaller; of the "spell word" you have there on a permanent basis very much more. The Rest are self-explanatory magic bonuses such as Cooldown Reduction and percentage bonuses, the also late in the game are still noticeable.
  • Defense: If you have an aggressive opponent or, in General, fond of dispute, find, worth 9 points in Defense you invest in, as usual, in "Durability", "Hardiness" and "Resistance".
  • Utility: Instead of the 9 in Defense is also 9 be worthwhile in Utility. Improved mana regeneration, despite lissandra's passive ability is very useful, because your Spells are very expensive. To improve Flash and Recall no harm and to do the Blue Buff with "Runic Affinity" is more effective, is a dream for every Caster.
21 magic points

Magical Equipment

Of course you need to take the situation to your opponent and in the right counter to invest, but the following Items are a solid basis are:
  • You will start in the Mid Lane, rule with a "Cloth Armor" and a few healing potions. From there it then goes to a "Doran's Ring" and shoes.
  • "Zhonya's Hourglass", the "Morellonomicon" and "Liandry's Torment" are all three very strong and should follow along with Tier 2 boots. This is expensive and takes, but well worth it. Zhonya's early to be obvious, since the Cloth Armor is available. However, Lissandra has her Ultimate already has a similar effect, such as Zhonyas, therefore, the Item can wait. Generally, all three are good and important.
  • You are taken from your Mid Lane opponent in the lack of a "Athene's Unholy Grail, can help" often. Otherwise, other good Items are, of course, AP classics such as "Void Staff", and "Rabadon's Deathcap"

The right Summoner spells

Lissandra is by your Skills already very flexible, but with Flash, you will still mobile, what is your slow running speed in dangerous situations or keep Track of balances well. Ignite is due to their tendency to melee almost always be used and get the Kill that would otherwise escape.

The right way to deal with Lissandra

  • "Glacial Path" is a great means of transportation, but if you need to flee, your opponent also easy to confuse. Sometimes it can help, "to fire Glacial Path" in one direction and then run in the other. Your Track follow the ice path, you run in the other direction. The opponent does not, however, of them, you can teleport yourself quickly to the other side of the tele and have created some space.
  • A good combo to initiate a team fight, is "Frost Shard", then "Glacial Path", with the porting in the opposing group, tele, followed by "Ring of Frost" or "Frozen Tomb". This makes them, in spite of the low chance of Survival in the short invulnerable, and can cause great damage to the enemy Team. You will not only that your Team leaves you alone, then you can survive a nahsuizidale action such as this even.
  • This combo works much better if you have Champions such as Amumu in the Team, can withstand a great deal more and also a great are to turn off groups of enemies.
Essential for every battle in League of Legends is not only that you have mastered your Champion, but also the Knowledge of your opponent. If you regularly fast check want, who are you there is the League of Legends Champions App is a good companion for you.