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Hitman: Showstopper trophy get

  • Sep 25, 2020
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In the case of Hitman it is to collect a total of 24 trophies for the Showstopper trophy you have to wait a comparatively long time. We will show you how they get you.

Showstopper: Hitman-trophy

  • The trophy "Showstopper" (The Showstopper Paris) in Hitman to get, you need to Viktor Novikov in his Show to kill. For this purpose, the lighting system is manipulated.
  • For the implementation you get one of the many Bronze trophies. In addition, your Gamerscore will be increased by 15 points.
  • The following instructions can be found also in the above Video.
  • Tip: for More Videos visit the YouTube channel of PowerPyx. You need to Hitman first install, you will find Hitman our Download Portal.
Hitman-Trophy: Showstopper

Instructions: trophy "Showstopper" to get in Hitman

  1. You enter the Palace and get the first disguise of a Security. There are several ways you can find in the Video.
  2. They now run behind the stage and read the schedule for the Show.
  3. Go to the changing rooms for the Models and wait for the Designer Sebastian Sato.
  4. Sato shows up, you throw a coin into the large glass-model behind him. The music will spook him.
  5. You follow him and wait until he goes in the shielded area. You overpower him and put him in a box.
  6. Now you have to go to the top floor. For this you need the clothes of a waiter, to get past the guards.
  7. Are you looking for the top after a crushing rod, and embark on the skeleton of the lighting system. Here you will have to wait for a few minutes on Viktor.
  8. To Talk as soon as Viktor starts, he is in the middle of the stage. Loosen the winch in the middle of the platform you will receive the trophy.
Hitman: assassination attempt on Viktor Novikov
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