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Hitman: Security neutralized - so you get the trophy

  • Sep 25, 2020
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The trophy "Security is neutralized" is unlocked in Hitman relatively quickly. We will show you step by step how you come to success.

Security neutralized: Hitman trophy get

  • For the trophy "Security is neutralized" (Security Defeated), you need to leave a guard with your weapon find to bring them in the Hangar. This is possible in the Mission "final exam".
  • Since the trophy is right to quickly get to, for the performance of only one of the many Bronze trophies. Your Gamerscore will be increased by 10 points.
  • The instructions you can keep track of both in the next paragraph, as also in the above Video.
  • Tip: for More Videos visit the YouTube channel of PowerPyx. Would you like to Hitman on another Computer install, find the game via our Download Portal.
Hitman: Security neutralized

Instructions: trophy "Security is neutralized" in Hitman get

  1. You run to the left, climb over the fence and you always run on the left side of the area along.
  2. At the warehouse you find a pipe you can climb. You have to wait, however, until the two mechanics entered the hall.
  3. You rise up in the window, place your gun in front of the door and hide in the bathroom.
  4. Wait a Moment, until the weapon of the guards to take and kill then Jasper Knight.
  5. You leave the room again through the window, you will receive your trophy.
Hitman: Security of the weapon
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