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Hitman: K-36D trophy get

  • Sep 19, 2020
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You are on the hunt for all the trophies in Hitman, you should not miss the trophy "K-36D". We will show you how you get success.

K-36D: Hitman trophy get

  • For the receipt of the trophy "K-36D" you have to kill Jasper Knight by the ejector seat. In the Mission "final exam" you can manipulate the seat.
  • You have executed the order, you will receive a Bronze trophy. In addition, your Gamerscore will be increased by 15 points.
  • In the following paragraph you will find a detailed guide. You can find this information also at the top of the Video.
  • Tip: for More Videos visit the YouTube channel of PowerPyx. If you Hitman on an additional PC you want to install, find the game for us to Download.
Hitman-trophy: K-36D

Instructions: trophy "K-36D" to get in Hitman

  1. You will encounter guards for the first Time, do not turn off, but go in through the nearby window into the house.
  2. You run up to the locker and get the mechanic kit with the orange safety vest.
  3. Before you enter the hall with the Jets, take the wrench from the table.
  4. You can read the security log, in addition to the Jet and then search at the top of the stage, Jasper Knight.
  5. You go with him back to the Jet and take you again to the minutes.
  6. They follow in this sequence, the instructions, done the ejection seat for the Rest.
  7. Tip: to screw around, refer to step 4 in the short at the open flap of the Jets, you will receive an additional trophy.
Hitman: ejection seat to manipulate
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