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Hitman: Chilling example of this trophy to get

  • Sep 18, 2020
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You want to get the trophy "Cautionary tale" in Hitman, you have to kill a KGB Colonel through a List. We will show you how to do it.

Example: Hitman-trophy get

  • The trophy is only through the Mission "final exam" (The Final Test) to reach. Your task in the Mission is to kill the KGB Colonel Jasper Knight.
  • As a reward, you will receive a total of 24 trophies, this one is made of Bronze. In addition, you will receive an additional Gamerscore 15.
  • The following instructions can also be found in the above Video performed.
  • Tip: for More Videos visit the YouTube channel of PowerPyx. If you run the game once install, you can find Hitman our Download-area.
Hitman: Cautionary Tale

Instructions: trophy "Cautionary tale" in Hitman get

  1. You have to cross the fence to the right, turn off the Generator, overpower the guard and take his clothes.
  2. At the bottom of the house you will find at the entrance of two soldiers at a table. Take the slides.
  3. You enter the upper floor, and you are looking for the projector. To insert the slides.
  4. Go left to the outside and wait around a Minute, until the Colonel arrives.
  5. The Colonel enters the room, turn off the power from the outside. After a short time the Colonel comes out and turns on the electricity again.
  6. You will then receive your trophy. As the target is killed, you can see for yourself.
Hitman: projector power on
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Hitman: K-36D trophy get

  • Sun 27, 2020
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