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GTA Chinatown Wars: All Cheats-an Overview

  • Sep 23, 2020
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Cheats have a long Tradition at GTA and Chinatown Wars is no exception. We explain you which Cheats you can use in the mobile GTA Version and what they do.

All of the Cheats from GTA Chinatown Wars

In your apartment, you can enter a combination of characters, and thus certain effects can be achieved. Health and weapons, to maps, Upgrades, everything is possible:
  • LIFEUP - refills your life.
  • SHELLY - refills your armor.
  • LOADOA - weapon pack 1: grenades, nightstick, pistol , Micro SMG, assault rifle, Shotgun, Minigun.
  • LOADOB - weapon package 2: Molotov Cocktail, Taser, dual pistols, SMG, carbine, flamethrower, double-barreled shotgun
  • LOADOC - weapon pack 3: mines, chainsaw, Revolver, SMG, carbine, double-barreled shotgun, flame thrower
  • LOADOD - weapon pack 4: flashbang, bat, pistol, Micro SMG, carbine, Shotgun, rocket launcher
  • BOOMCAN - All projectiles explode
  • CASHIN - 10,000 $ Bonus Cash
  • COPOUT - Reduces wanted level by one star
  • COPIN - Increases the wanted level by one star
  • TRIPPY - Marked all the drug dealers on the map
  • JUMPHR Jump one hour forward
  • JUMPHRS Jump to six hours ahead
  • JUMPDAY - Jumps a whole day forward
GTA: Chinatown Wars All Cheats
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