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GTA 5: The 10 best tips for the Online mode

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Especially beginners are overwhelmed in the Online mode of GTA 5 often. With these ten tips you will be one of the best and the most feared Gangster in Los Santos. We will explain how you can make money fast, annoying players to remove, or to send aircraft to find.

So you start missions

GTA dollar store for sure: The "Maze Bank" is your friend

By default, you carry your funds in GTA 5 cash around with them. You should kill in this case, another player, or to Rob, is lost the well-earned reward for always. Remedy the "Maze Bank is creating here," the money deposited can take that from you any more. So you lose by default, only 100 dollars per death.
  1. To your Bank to increase the account, first, open the Smartphone with the d-pad and navigate to the App Icon to "Internet".
  2. Select in the Browser the "Finance and services" (Cf. Screenshot) and select "www.maze-bank.com".
  3. Here you click on "deposits" and confirm the desired amount. Your money will now be written to the account.
Here, you pay money

Speed: found cars to keep

In GTA Online you can make every stolen car to your personal car. As a result, only you will have access to the vehicle. As a practical side effect is that the car appears in every Mission in your area. So you don't have to look laborious to another means of transport. To save cars permanently, you must be in Online mode.
  1. They steal first, the desired car. The police should find out, you need to get rid of in addition to all the stars. Like the best works read in this practical tip.
  2. Now you go to one of the many workshops, called "Los Santos Customs". These can be found on the map in the Screenshot displayed icon.
  3. There navigate in the menu to the point "protection against theft and loss". Note: if you have a damaged car, you need to repair the vehicle.
  4. Once you buy the tracker, the car is yours and the exact location of the car appears on the map. Who wants to spend a little more, you can also take out an insurance policy. So that your car is being repaired after an Explosion or other damage, free of charge.
  5. Exact information on how to cars in GTA 5 save them permanently, you can also find at CHIP.
Here you will find the workshop

Thieves life better: Stolen carts sell

Car thieves do in GTA 5 is a really good business: The workshop "Los Santos Customs" buys a day, along with a stolen car. You will receive, depending on the type of vehicle, different levels of rewards.
  1. You steal a car. Currently in the Screenshot pictured "view Baller brings" the most money. Here you will be written up to $ 9,000 fine.
  2. You drive the car to the nearest workshop. The less scratches and dents the car has, the more money you get at the end.
  3. As soon as you "enter Los Santos Customs", you will find in the menu the entry "Sell". Confirming the purchase with the X button (PS3) or A Button (XBOX). The money will be paid to you now.
This car brings a lot of money

Everywhere mobile: With car garages secure powerful advantages

Once you have saved a little money, you should think of an investment of your assets. Particularly useful are the garages. Anywhere in Los Santos you can find for sale signs. Here you can buy Parking spaces for their own cars.
  1. You will travel through the city and pay attention to the Mini Map in the bottom corner. Here you will see all available properties in the vicinity.
  2. You go to one of the pictured sale signs. As soon as you approach the display, learn, leave, how many cars are in the Garage. The storage place is within your financial possibilities, you can complete the purchase by Pressing the d-pad to the right.
  3. You have now acquired a Garage. To spawn at the beginning of each game in this Garage and one of their personal vehicles to choose from. About the new contact of the mechanic in your phone, the car can even deliver any place on the map.
  4. Complete in addition, an insurance company and you buy a tracker. Your car lost, you can claim or damages.
A sign at garage sale

Dead silence: other GTA player has a bounty out put

Again and again you are in Online mode, other players, and shoot them without any reason or any cause your car to destroy. You should have a little money left over, you can suspend these players for a bounty. As a result, your teammates will be on the culprit's attention, and will do everything to make him harmless.
  1. Before you can add a player with a bounty, you have to complete some missions. In the further course of the game you receive a call from Lester, you the functioning of the money declared.
  2. You can now open your phone and navigate to the App Icon "contacts". There you are now searching for the entry of Lester.
  3. After a few seconds, a drop-down menu (See appears in the upper corner. Screenshot). Select the entry "head expose".
  4. In the next step, you select the player that the money is to be exposed and to determine the amount of the premium. After a final confirmation, all players will receive a notification about the bounty.
Put a bounty

The GTA world to explore: in passive mode against annoying players

If the bounty is not enough, you can hide your teammates completely. To do this, you switch in the passive mode. Here, you can shoot no more as long as you move on foot. You should rise against it in a car, you can be in spite of the passive mode, killed.
  1. Hold the Select button on the gamepad until the game menu appears.
  2. Select the "passive mode". After a re-confirmation to you will be deducted $ 100 and you can move safely in the Online world. But caution: Explosion or angry car drivers here, too, nothing is certain.
The passive mode

High: helicopters and planes in GTA find

If you enjoy the countryside, or quickly back to Los Santos want to at one of the many planes in GTA Online. Regardless of your rank in the "Vespucci Beach are ready on the flight," a helicopter and a plane for you. Head to the indicated location on the Screenshot and get in the desired vehicle. The higher your rank is, the better helicopters and airplanes are ready for you. Some of the air birds will be replaced at some Level by others.
Here you will find the airport

The last resort: suicide back in the Online city

You should have lost and even hopeless in the major Online Map, you can teleport to with a simple Trick to the next hospital tele. Your death is but a small catch: It costs $ 500.
  1. Press and hold the Select button for a few seconds. There is a menu in the upper-right corner of the screen opens.
  2. Navigate to the entry "self-murder" and confirm the selection. You find yourself now in a hospital again.
  3. Alternatively, you can try to shoot yourself or pills to take.
You are beaming in the city

It's a fun game: Show your emotions in GTA 5

Are you bored, frustrated, or happy? You show the other players your current feelings through your character. A nice Gimmick that again and again for a laugh or two makes.
  1. To do this, open the interaction menu with the Select button.
  2. Navigate to the "mood". With the control pad, the desired feeling can be able to activate it. The facial expression of the character should change with each setting.
  3. Also you can in GTA 5 the finger.
You Change Your Mood

Deathmatch and Last Team Standing

A Deathmatch or a Last Team Standing Match are the ultimate challenge in Online mode. To the winner glory and honour, but it is not this way up to the top always is very simple:
  • You play these games only if you know the area well. Pointless Rushen will cost you sooner or later.
  • Proceed cautiously and quietly. You can also take advantage of any cover and the wall, in order not to be hit.
  • There are many weapons lying around. Beginners can take advantage of this pick-up and in the Open World. So, you don't need tedious leveling up.
Online Deathmatch

More tips to in GTA V: In the CHIP Guide

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GTA Online still has many more Features. Among other things, are in the Open-World-game Easter Eggs hidden.