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GTA 4 - three great Cheats

  • Oct 18, 2020
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With many Games of Cheats can ruin the fun of the game, in GTA 4 this is the case. With full health, new weapons, and the coolest cars, the missions are much more pleasant to do. How you enable this and what are the three Cheat Codes that help you the most, we will show you in here. The Cheats work with the PC, PS3 and 360 Version.

To enable the Cheats in GTA IV

The following three Cheats you can activate in game, by typing on the keyboard of Niko Belics cell phone. Please note, however, that the Cheats work only on the second Mission.

1. With full health missions to do

You have in the game a violent battle with the Mafia and that's why a lot of life points lost. In this case, you take your phone in Hand and dial the following phone number: 362-555-0100. The name in the phone menu is "DOC - health". Your life energy is replenished and you can emerge stronger in the next Mission.
Full of life energy for Niko

2. Weapons Arsenal expand

If you need new weapons to fight strong opponents, you can unlock a selection by one of the following numbers free:
  • 486-555-0150 gives you a Starter weapon collection. The name in the menu is "GUN Bad".
  • For even better weapons, you choose 486-555-0100. This is in the Cheat menu "GUN - advanced".
More weapons in GTA IV

3. With new cars cruise through the city

With fast cars, the city makes the tour much more enjoyable. A bird's-eye view via helicopter is for sure not bad.
  • Enter the phone number 227-555-0168 for a Super GT. The name in the menu is "CAR - SUPERGT".
  • In order to get the police helicopter, select 359-555-0100. This is the Name in the Cheat is on the menu "FLY - ANNIHILATOR".
  • With a racing start, enter the number 625-555-0100. The Name in the phone menu is "MBK - NRG 900".
New vehicles for GTA IV
Note: All the entered Codes are saved in the cell phone menu under "Cheats". Simply select the corresponding name to that number again manually. As a "legal" way to a special weapons come in, read here.