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Google Stadia: Release, price and all the info

  • Jan 24, 2021
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The Release of Google's Stadia will take place in the year 2019. Prices and more information about the upcoming gaming service, you will learn in this article.

Release date and price of Google Stadia - these Features are promised

A kind of Netflix for video games Google plans to do with the project, Google Stadia. The games run on the highest resolutions with 4K, Ultra-HD, the high-contrast, High-Dynamic Range (HDR) with 60 FPS and is the device of the user streamed.

  • Since the games do not run on the own device, you would have to worry about disk space, Installation, Updates, or Patches.
  • Google Stadia should be integrated into the Youtube platform, to facilitate, for example, the Stream. In addition, there will be additional Features, such as, for example, Crowd Play this is to join the possible directly in the Online Matches of streamers.
  • Also you don't need expensive High-End PC or game console, and more. In the future, Google promises to Stadia 8K resolution and 120+ FPS.
  • An exact Release date, there is not, Google is currently speaking only from 2019.
  • Also there is still no official indication of price. Current rumored to be around 15 of US demands dollars for the service. Whether it is video games are received or need to be purchased, is also not yet confirmed.

Requirements to be able to Google Stadia to use

Google Stadia should run on almost any device without loss of Quality. The most important thing is a stable Internet connection.

  • With the Internet connection of 25 Mbps, you could gamble with 1080p Full-HD and 60 FPS. 4K resolution is already starting at 30 Mbit/s are possible.
  • Of course, you can use the service even with a slower Internet connection use. In the case, the resolution is reduced to, for example, 720p.
  • On your PC or Laptop, it runs then just using the Browser Google Chrome. For mobile devices there will be a Stadia-App. Chrome you will find in the free Download for Windows and Mac.
  • Also on the TV, you can stream the games. An Android TV or Chromecast-Stick are provided here.
  • Although a special Stadia Controller was presented, should be Playing with keyboard and mouse or a Controller.
  • On the game selection, much is still not known. Ubisoft is firmly in it, also the game Rime will be ported to Google Stadia. In the future should also Cyberpunk 2077 and also in-house productions will be available.
Google Stadia - all the information about the price and Release
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