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Fifa 16: 3. League by Mod - how to

  • Jul 12, 2020
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In FIFA 16 you can by Mod the 3. League play. The corresponding Teams are not included in the game. However, this only works on the PC. All other information you receive in this article.

FIFA 16: So you play the 3. League by Mod

  1. The 3. League in FIFA 16 to play, you need the "European Expansion Patch 2016", you are on the website fifaplanet.de download of can.
  2. You create prior to the Installation of a safety copy of your FIFA-16-folder. You can find this in the Origin folder under "Games".
  3. Then unzip the downloaded RAR file and copy it into the FIFA-16-main directory.
  4. In the folder "file master" to the file "filemaster.exe". You must specify the correct path and select under "Tools" and "Regenerate bh".
  5. For more information and help get you in the FIFA Forum fifaplanet.de.
FIFA 16: third League play
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