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FIFA 13 (PS3) with your own music play

  • Oct 21, 2020
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FIFA 13 on the PS3 with my own Songs much more enjoyable. You can't change only the background music, but also the inlet and scoring-Sound editing. We will show you how to do it.

Their own Tracks as background music in FIFA 13

For you to enjoy in FIFA 13 your favorite music, you need to copy them via USB-Stick on your Playstation 3. Then proceed as follows:
  1. Go to the tab "music" on your PS3 and open the menu item "playlists". Here you are setting up a new Playlist, which you should name with a suitable name - for example, with "FIFA 13 music".
  2. Select each track and open it with the triangle button for the options. Now go to "add To playlist" and confirm your input with the FIFA-13-playlist.
  3. Start FIFA 13 and select in the main menu "CUSTOMIZE FIFA". At the very bottom of the list click on the "music & songs" and then click on "my music & chants".
  4. You go to the input field the "My FIFA 13", to configure the music for the background, menus and your favorite team. Alternatively, you can also edit the music for the game modes, "Pro" and "Pro Clubs" or for leagues and other Teams.
  5. Last, click on "Arena & menu" and select the created playlist. From now on, you listen to your favorite artist in the Background.
Custom music for FIFA 13

The favourite team with the appropriate Songs and Fängesängen equip

Your favorite Team, you can equip in the blink of an eye with favorite Songs and crowd chants. This makes for a great atmosphere - for example, if your favorite team to the Track "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC comes into the stadium.
  1. You will have to copy your Songs and fan chants from the PC via the USB Stick to your PS3. You give the files the best the appropriate name, such as, for example, "FC Bayern München-running-music".
  2. Start FIFA 13, in the ADJUST menu, point to "FIFA" and select "music & songs". Now open the Option "custom music & chants".
  3. Select an event, such as "skating on ice favorite team or scoring favorite team" and click on "Tracks show. You can now see the on the PS3 the saved songs. Select the desired song, and their own event-the Songs are in the game.
Fan chants for FIFA 13