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Far Cry 4: Rare animals

  • Aug 10, 2020
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In Far Cry 4 you can find a total of nine rare depth. In our practical tip we will show you the exact locations of the animals, as well as tips for hunting.

Far Cry 4: Rare animals Kyrat Fashion Week find

The rare animals in Far Cry 4, and can hunt, you first have to the "Kyrat Fashion Week"Quest of Mumu Chiffon give.
  • You can find him at the coordinates x:325 y:384 in the house of Chiffon. Then you can chase the nine rare animals.
  • You bring him three of the nine skins of the animals, you will get the success "The rarest Wild".
Rare animals in Far Cry 4

1. Rare Animals: Dark Water Dragon

The dark water dragon, you will find at the coordinates X:346 Y:381.
  • In the case of the fish it is a special type of tiger fish-dragon. He is particularly large, which is why you should have tougher guns raising.
  • You take a syringe to the best before the hunt, a Hunt, and you take care of the animal with the grenade launcher.

2. Rare Animal: Tenzin

The Tenzin, you will find at the coordinates X:391 Y:330.
  • The Tenzin is a special Rothund and hidden to the East with a hut.
  • By the white coat, you can recognize it quickly. You succumbed to the animal by a plurality of targeted bow or crossbow shots.

3. Rare Animal: Sky Cat

You can find the sky cat at the coordinates X: 444 Y:689.
  • The sky cat is a rare Tiger, hiding in the Barnalis-textile factory.
  • The sky cat's with two other tigers in a cave. You have to use a forced way, a machine gun, to do the Tiger.

4. Rare Animal: Gulo

The Gulo is located at the coordinates X:346 Y:625.
  • The Gulo is a rare honey badger, and is hiding on top of a mountain.
  • The Gulo is sleeping in a Bush. If you are quick enough, you can kill the animal, without causing them to close.

5. Rare Animal: Geisterbär

The Geisterbär you will find at the coordinates X: 695 Y: 620.
  • The Geisterbär hidden in a cave by the stream.
  • You take the shotgun and climb with the grappling hook on a ledge to do the bear.

6. Rare Animal: Karkadann

The Karkadann and you can find at the coordinates X:381 Y:572.
  • The Karkadann rare Rhino and should be killed with the shotgun.
  • Wait until the Rhino is running around a tree. Here it is slow and you can attack it easily.

7. Rare Animal: Thick Skin

The thick skin is located at coordinates: X:808 Y:788.
  • Dick is a huge and twisted elephant's skin.
  • The elephant needs to be done with a flame thrower. At best, you attack him from behind, as his Tusks are very dangerous.

8. Rare Animal: Black Devil

The Black devil you will find at the coordinates X:440 Y:815.
  • The Black devil is a rare Wolf that is exceptionally fast and strong.
  • The best one is defeated first, his kin, and fled afterwards to a gallery, for example, on a stone, in order to defeat the beast with the bow and arrow.

9. Rare Animal: Leopard

The leopard you will find at the coordinates X:417 Y:754.
  • The rare, orange-coloured leopards, they meet at a cave entrance.
  • Attack the beast at its best with an assault rifle.
If you go on the hunt for the rare animals, you should have a good Arsenal of weapons. We show you where all the weapons from Far Cry 4 find can.