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Far Cry 2 - the best 3 Cheats

  • Sep 27, 2020
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With the three best Cheats for Far Cry 2 (PC), you do never have to Worry about your ammo or health. This is not a classic input of Cheats is in Far Cry 2 during the game. This you need to make before the start of the game on your Windows Desktop. We will show you how to do it.

Cheats for Far Cry 2 - the activation

The Cheats will be enabled in Far Cry 2 already before the start of the game. Several Cheats you can enter side by side into the destination address. It is important that you always consider the spaces before the beginning of the Cheats. Before each "-" Symbol must be a blank space. You enable the Cheats as follows:
  1. You must first navigate to your Far Cry 2 installation directory. This will by default be under program files/Ubisoft/Far Cry 2/bin.
  2. Then select the file "farcry2.exe" with a right-click and select the Option "create shortcut".
  3. You will then need to click on the link right, open the properties and in the target line behind the specified directory, do one of the following Cheat commands to write.
  4. The target line can look like: "D:\Programme\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2\bin\FarCry2.exe -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1"
The best Cheats for Far Cry 2

Invulnerable with the "God Mode"

If you want to play the game not hurt through play is the "God Mode" is the correct Cheat. If you enable this mode, you lose no life points, no matter how many shots you take. For this purpose, simply enter the following Cheat command as described above: "-GameProfile_GodMode 1"

Unlock all weapons

In Far Cry 2 there are many weapons with which your opponent can fight. Collect them all is somewhat futile. All of the weapons to unlock, enter the Cheat "-GameProfile_AllWeaponsUnlock 1" behind the target line in the properties of your shortcut of the "farcry2.exe". Now you have the agony of choice and quickly switch to shotgun between your AK-47 machine gun or SPAS-12-combat.

Infinite Ammo

Now you are with your favorite weapons on the go and realize at some point that you have no more ammunition. Instead of the gun to throw away, just enter in the directory of your target line, Cheat-code words "-GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1". Now you can tackle your opponents without the ammunition indicator.
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