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Fallout 4: The best weapons in the Overview

  • Jul 11, 2020
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Fallout 4 will prompt you with numerous hazards, equips you but also with the appropriate Arsenal. We show you the best weapons that you can find in Fallout 4.

The best weapons in Fallout 4

Divided into the typical Fallout-categories of a whole lot of good weapons are waiting for you, which you should record in the weapons chamber. We provide the best:
  • Energy weapons: The Gamma-gun is 100 points of radiation damage in addition to damage, a stun and area - of-effect.
  • Small weapons: The Gauss rifle is aimed at the 110 points of damage. Each shot can be charged up for extra damage.
  • Energy weapons: The plasma rifle is generally high damage and can upgrade to up to 120 points, which is considered energy damage and ballistic impact. Very useful against most of the later opponents.
  • Melee weapons: Super Sledge, is a gigantic, rocket-powered Hammer that killed the most enemies with a few blows.
  • Heavy weapons: Gatling Laser and Minigun cause per shot, only a little damage, fires very quickly.
  • Heavy weapons: The Fat Man fires small nuclear bombs, and so massive damage. He is hard and ammo is rare, but it's worth it.
  • Unarmed: As a fist fighter, you should claw the death glove forging. So you ignore the armor of your opponent.
Fallout 4: The best weapons
In order to survive in the Post-Apocalypse, it takes more than a few good weapons. We have the best beginner's tips for Fallout 4 for.