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Fallout 4: Codsworth – the most important information to the robot

  • Jul 08, 2020
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In Fallout 4 strips you will not be alone through the Wasteland, the robot Codsworth accompanies you on your adventure. All the info to your companions you will find in this article.

Fallout 4: What is behind Codsworth?

  • In Codsworth it is a so-called Mister phone - a floating robot has been developed by General Atomics International and RobCo together. The naming received this model due to its many gripping hands.
  • Originally, Mr. cell phone was used for maintenance, construction work and heavy Work before the model gained after the earthquake in Mexico City 2042 special attention.
  • Codsworth is the Mister-mobile-robot in the family of the main character in Fallout 4. Through the human language module, it is possible for him to interact with people.
  • He has a memory for names, which includes 1,000 of the most commonly used name. This may make Codsworth, if you decide for one of them at character creation.
The Fallout-4-Robot Codsworth

How does Codsworth in the fight?

  • Codsworth is equipped with a flamethrower, and a circular saw, which is typical for Mister-phone units. In melee, he can do so with the enemies high damage, and be of great help.
  • Although Codsworth is one of the service robots, it can still be useful in combat. Unlike the military robot he wears, but no heavy weapons like cannons or lasers.
  • In addition, Codsworth is fairly robust and a reasonable duration in the fight can be active without being quickly knocked out.
Codsworth is one of the many companions in Fallout 4. In the next article we explain how you can your companion to quickly find them again.