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Fallout 4: a signal receiver that you can build yourself - how to

  • Jan 21, 2021
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For the Quest "molecular level" do you need in Fallout 4 is a signal receiver. As you build this, we can tell you here.

Fallout 4: to build a signal receiver

After mutants of the super-researcher Virgil have received the plans for the signal receiver, you can build it using either the brotherhood of steel, the Minutemen, the Railroad group, or even alone. We will explain how you can create it on your own:
  1. You build in a number of settlement-free Area on which you can place in the next step, all of the parts.
  2. You must first place the molecular beam Emitter of the military standard and the heart of the plant. You will need 2 rubber, 1 copper, and the plate is (military standard), 1 circuits, 1, 10 steel. The gramophone record you found on military airports.
  3. Directly below, between the three legs of the receiver, place the stabilized reflector platform. You will need: 10 aluminum, 3 circuits, 5 steel.
  4. In addition to the receiver, you will use a control console. For this you need 1 Biometric Scanner, 2 rubber, 3 copper and 5 steel. The Scanner you can find, for example, in hospitals.
  5. You will also need a Transmitter in the bowl. This build consists of 3 Gold, 3 copper, 1 sensor module, 3 steel and 6 fabric. Sensor modules you can find anywhere, where it is sent. Keep up so best to be on the lookout for high-rise buildings, radio towers, and the hobby electrician-Club.
  6. In order to provide this structure with electricity, you need 27 energy, you can create, for example, with three big generators.
  7. The generators are connected via cable and a Mast with the signal receiver, the Transmitter dish and the console. The Emitter itself needs no power connection.
Fallout 4: signal receiver build
The settlement to the signal receiver is only as good as your settlers. Therefore, we will explain in the next tip, as you see in Fallout 4 settlers assign tasks.


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