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Dragon Quest Builders: The 5 best tips

  • May 27, 2020
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In Dragon Quest Builder, you build in the style of Minecraft. The best tips for the Game, we have summarized in this practice tip is for you.

Dragon Quest Builders – these are the 5 best tips

  • When building houses, you should always pay attention to the limits of their settlement. You recognize the limit to the brightly lit fields.
  • Some of the materials to Build, you can only get through Monster. Monster you can find mostly at night, outside of the settlement.
  • In Dragon Quest Builders Decorating your settlement has a particularly high priority. This will give you more points.
  • You want to pause the game, it brings nothing to press the Pause button. Instead, call the menu to pause the game.
  • So you can process trees and wood, you will need the Hammer. You can obtain this, if you play through the Quests. Simply contact NPC Roy.
Dragon Quest Builders: Tips
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