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Don't Starve: The 3 best beginner tips

  • Sep 27, 2020
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In "Don't Starve" you must survive for as long as possible. With our 3 best beginner's tips, we show you how you can create the especially in the beginning, and the hunger to fight.

Don't Starve - every beginning is difficult

To start you should collect resources. This simple resource such as Grass, Berries and Carrots are meant to be. You build an axe and a pickaxe. So trees can be cases, and stones to collect.
  • The first few days, you should collect resources.
  • Resources that you can collect easily, for example: Seeds, Carrots, Flowers, Berries, Grass, Flint, Twigs
  • With a pickaxe to collect stones and with an axe they cut down trees for wood.
Simple resource gathering

They survive by paying attention to your environment

In "Don't Starve" is each resource important. However, the resources also. Trees you can plant, for example, by seeds again. Also, berries and grasses to grow.
  • You can dig with a shovel a clump of grass and small trees, to plant them near your base. Bushes with berries can be transplanted.
  • Consider whether you really want to kill larger animals, such as Beffalos. It is sensible to make use of their Manure for the farms.
  • You have felled a tree, this is often a seeds fall. You will plant these again. So you play in a sustainable way.
Play sustainably

You take care of the food

In "Don't Starve" you will get quickly hungry. So you don't starve to death, you should always have enough food on stock. By means of smaller Falling, and Farm equipment can also be used at the beginning of the starvation prevent.
  • They build in the vicinity of rabbit buildings and look after them every day, whether you have caught something.
  • Are you looking for bushes with berries. This allows you to dig up, and in the vicinity of your camp re-planting. So you can see immediately if the berries re-grow.
  • With a cooking pot you can overcook meat, berries, and carrots. You get a meal to combat Hunger very well.
Cooking pot for better food
Survive in "Don't Starve" is not easy. But with these beginner tips, you will create it. Remember: fire and food are essential for Survival. As you during a Zombie Apocalypse in the game "State of Decay" to survive, you will learn in this practical tip.


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