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Don't Starve: So you survive the Winter

  • Aug 10, 2020
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In this practical tip we will tell you everything about the Winter, in the Survival Game "Don't Starve". From the 21 day it will be cold and if you are poorly prepared, you will not survive the Winter.

Winter is coming

In "Don't Starve" there are only two seasons: summer and Winter. While you need to have in the summer, "just" afraid of the starvation and dangerous creatures that you should dress for the Winter warm.
  • Winter starts on the 21. Day and lasts for 15 days.
  • The Winter temperature falls to a Minimum and the nights last longer.
  • If you stay too long unprotected in the cold, you lose life points. Torches will give you no heat and freezing after a while.
  • New creatures appear, such as, for example, snow bunnies, snow birds and blue dogs. Also penguins and walruses hard to make you the life of.
  • The plants on your Farm will grow 25% slower.
New creatures in the Winter

So you survive the Winter

In order to survive the 15 days of refrigeration, it is recommended to meet before certain precautions.
  • They collect in the summer, plenty of wood and food.
  • The camp fire will help you not to freeze to death. It was a Heat of Stone that can be found in the Wilderness, keeps you warm for a certain time.
  • They have the character of Wilson, you can let your Beard grow. The longer this is, the warmer it keeps you. Also clothes will keep you warm.
  • Berries and other plants grow slower. They, therefore, prefer to hunt for meat.
  • Plant them near your base of bushes and trees, so you don't have to walk too far through the Wilderness, should you need anything.
A camp fire will keep you warm
You will have to prepare for 21 days, the time for the Winter. Take advantage of this time, then you will also survive the cold time of the year. Other tips to Don't Starve you get here.