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Clash of Lords: The best tips and Cheats

  • Jul 06, 2020
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In Clash of Lords, you reign over your army. In this practice tip we combined the appropriate tips as well as Cheats for the phone Game for you.

Clash of Lords: The best tips and Tricks

  • The Tutorial at the beginning of the Games you should not miss. There, they collect not only the necessary experience, extra Gold, and jewels.
  • With the personal invitation code that you find under "Invite Event", you can also receive lucrative rewards, as soon as a friend logs on it.
  • In the connection you should take the hero once more under the magnifying glass, so that you know their abilities.
  • Tip: Log in every day, you will receive, after 28 days, a rare hero as a gift.
  • As soon as you join a Guild, or your own established, you will receive additional rewards.
  • Do not forget the skills to increase your heroes after each reward.
  • You can merge two heroes to each other, to make this even stronger.
Tips & Cheats: Clash of Lords
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