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Beer Pong: rules explained simply

  • Aug 14, 2020
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Beer Pong is a popular party classic that is a must in any WG. However, this often leads to a dispute, to the beer-Pong-rules. What the right rules are, you can find here.

What are the rules of beer Pong at the house Party?

There is probably so much beer-Pong-rules , such as beer Breweries in the world. We Orient ourselves here on the official rules of the World Series of Beer Pong.

  • A beer Pong table is 2.5 m long and on each page there are 10 mugs , plastic, or cardboard.
  • Each team consists of two players or the game. The basic idea of the game is ping-pong balls in the cups of the opponent to throw. A Cup is made it must be leegetrunken this mug, and is then taken out of the game. Has won the team that has taken first, all of the cups of the opposing team.
  • The elbow must stay when Throwing behind the edge of the table. Everything else is contrary to the rules and any hit will not count.
  • Aufdoppser count double. Doppst the Ball must first drink on the table, and began to make a beer Pong Cup, the opponent is two cups. However, the opponent gets the Ball after the Aufdoppsen intercept.
  • Both players meet in a round-a-Cup, get the balls and no more so hits the long throw to one of the two. If both players in a round in a Cup the opponent must drink a total of three cups.
  • The Ball rotates on the inner wall of the beer-Pong-Cup in the circle, it is rule-compliant the Ball out of the blow. The Ball has, however, already the beer touches the Cup is considered to be taken

Other Beer-Pong-Rules

What are the rules for use?

  • We are honest: the discussion is part of the beer-Pong the same way as beer and ping pong balls. Therefore, these rules have no universal claim to infallibility.
  • In addition to the Party-as a rule, are kept a little laissez-faire, the World Series of Beer Pong the official tournament rules.
A beer-Pong table is a must at any Party.
(Image: Pixabay)