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Assetto Corsa: The best Mods

  • Jul 02, 2020
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In Assetto Corsa you race against other drivers. The best Mods for the game, we have summarized them in this practice tip is for you.

The best Mods for Assetto Corsa

  • Dallara F307 (formula 3): With this car, you leave your opponent behind. The car is a faithfully designed and looks great thanks to the 4K graphics also smart from - Download.
  • Rally legends: you Want to even dare a new adventure, then you should install this Mod. Here are two new Rally routes with hilly slopes created For Download.
  • Helicorsa: This Mod shows you when two cars come dangerously close. This can be collisions and accidents are prevented and you can the race continue to participate and - To Download.
  • Deltabar: by Using this Mod you get the best out of the lap time. The small bar shows you how they compare to the previous round, currently on the road are - To Download.
  • Koenigsegg One: This car should not be missing in Assetto Corsa. It comes in three variants, a convertible is, for example. Also, the Sound of the car can listen to let - For Download.
Assetto Corsa: The best Mods
In the next tip we have is the system requirements of Assetto Corsa for you.