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Assassin's Creed 3: tips for hunting

  • Sep 27, 2020
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The best tips for a successful hunt in Assassins Creed 3 we have compiled here for you.

Tip 1: hunting areas in assasins creed

The environment is divided outside the country's border in hunting areas. You can see these areas in the hunting area (in the map menu). In each Region, 4 different species of animals lurking. Initially, these are characterized in the hunting menu with a question mark, but they are visible if you have found evidence or have the animal killed. In the Following you find an Overview of the hunting regions:
  • Black Creek: Lynx, Elk, Hare, Beaver
  • Concord: Raccoon, Rabbit, Deer, Beaver
  • Davenport-Settlement: Elk, Deer, Fox, Beaver, Puma, Raccoon, Wolf, Rabbit
  • Diamond Basin: Deer, Wolf, Puma, Beaver
  • Great Piece Hills: Bobcat, Hare, Wolf, Elk
  • John’s Town: bear, Fox, elk, hare
  • Kanièn:keh: Fox, deer, hare, Cougar
  • Lexington: Hare, Raccoon, Deer, Fox
  • Monmouth: Hare, Raccoon, Elk, Fox
  • Packanack: Bear, Lynx, Hare, Beaver
  • Scotch Plains: Puma, Raccoon, Deer, Rabbit
  • Troy's Wood: Wolf, deer, elk, rabbit
  • Valley Forge: Hare, Raccoon, Beaver, Elk

Tip 2: Looking For Clues

If you go into an area to hunt, you should first search for traces. The eagle sense makes it easier to Recognize the tracks. The analysis of the traces is complete, you will see the animal on the mini-map and can make it quick to locate.

Tip 3: The way of the alder gene

How they hunt during the hunting of an animal depends on its size and aggressiveness. Below you will find a list of possibilities, as you can see the different animals at the most effective killing.
  1. Loot lay out: Lay out loot near a Bush or tree, you can attract animals of any size, while you hide. Once the animals are close enough to come, and you have been looking for a suitable ambush position, Killing only a trifle.
  2. Loop to build traps: Smaller animals you catch with noose traps. Especially effective these are, when you interpret you are in the vicinity of the tracks. In addition, you make the sling to fall with the loot more attractive. You will be notified as soon as an animal has fallen into the trap. Collect your loot, but as quickly as possible, because otherwise the animals could escape or be stolen.
  3. The right weapons of choice: The weapon you selected to kill the prey, affected the quality of the Coat. You should collect hides and skins to be able to sell them later on. In order to get a reasonable price, you should be to the Killing carefully. Especially gun shots and arrows with barbs reduce the value of the fur is considerable. In order to keep the damage as low as possible, you should is best to use normal arrows, and the blade.
  4. The nature of the confrontation: select most Often, you hear Knurrlaute, when aggressive animals are in the vicinity. Then you can decide whether you motion sequence of the animal at a Time directly to or from the nearest tree visiting, in order to attack it with arrows.
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