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Assassin's Creed 3: The best tips

  • Oct 19, 2020
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Remain undetected, escape and basics-tips - anyone who wants to be in assassin's Creed 3, you should heed the following advice.

Tip 1: Undetected Creed 3 in assassin's

  • If you race, draw attention to yourself. You should try to sprint as little as possible, particularly in the vicinity of enemies.
  • You mingle with a group of civilians and they remain in its vicinity for most of the enemies are invisible. After Leaving the group, you are protected for a short time - you should then go quickly to the next cover.
  • It is a haystack like in the predecessors a lot of loopholes to Hide. Another new Feature low bushes. To run once you click on this, and go into the squat, and are not visible, as long as you race.
  • You come to a wall corner over, and to run directly to you, you automatically take cover and cower against the wall. From there, you can observe the surroundings in peace and quiet and people listen. You can whistle in this Position, an enemy to lure him to secretly turn off.

Tip 2: The escape from enemies in Assassins Creed 3

If you suspected an enemy to, and followed, appears to be a triangle Symbol over his head, which shows, depending on the color of his social status. Then you need to act wisely. We will show you what to look for when the run to pay attention to.
  • Yellow triangle: you behave noticeable and be observed. They disappear from the field of view of the opponent, then he forgets you.
  • In part, the red triangle: The enemy actively searches for them. You should immediately look for Width, because the enemy will pursue you, and your last known whereabouts advice. You have not created enough distance between themselves and the opponents, they are persecuted.
  • Complete red triangle: Now it gets serious! Now it's either fight or flee. The enemies have lost you from the eyes, changes the color of the triangle slowly back from the red to the yellow state.
  • Grey triangle (Not so interesting): The triangle above the enemy turns to finally grey, but remains visible, so that you can keep track of the current Position of the opponent in the eye. You can stay as long in front of him, hidden until he loses interest in you.
  • Blue triangle (In the haystack): they are well hidden and the opponent has lost track of her. But it can happen, that the enemy in the haystack to you. Then you can eliminate him but still by means of anschleich killing quietly.
  • Green triangle (In the haystack): you can leave your hiding place safe.
The Assassin on the Prowl

Tip 3 - The level of awareness in Assassins Creed 3

Your level of awareness is represented in the Form of three Crosses. With one, two, or three Crosses will be displayed, as aggressive enemies will react to your presence. With three Crosses is no longer possible to move free. Therefore, you must make sure to keep the scale low. You should be very high, you can do the following:
  • The private “Wanted to tear”Poster from the wall.
  • The town crier and bribe.
  • The printer of the posters, bribe (the most expensive, but most effective Option).

Tip 4 - basic knowledge for the fight in Assassins Creed 3

Here is what is in the fight everything you can see.
  • Enemy as a human shield use, if a number of opponents shooting at them.
  • An enemy on the first hit down.
  • Weapon of the opponent mouth.
  • Enemies throw.
Much enemy, much honour

Tip 5 - Quick move in assassin's Creed 3

  • Between the two marked the main places you can travel on the map quickly.
  • In a new area you can travel between the selected locations quickly.
  • You continue walking, you can fall into the barrel step.
  • If you encounter a low obstacle, you can overcome this, without losing speed.
  • In case of snow you can use on the mini-map, marked paths or through the tree tops move, to progress faster.
  • You want to put longer lines on the ground back, without the need to travel quickly, you should be riding.

Tip 6 - The lake master in Assassins Creed 3

You should note that if you are with the ship on the road:
  • So to navigate that all enemy ships are on a page. Thus, they are easier to keep track of the source of danger, and save some firepower.
  • Enemy ships are not attacking from the side, because they are an excellent target for their cannons. Instead, ships in the angle ansegeln, and then sideways turning, if it is in the Target range.
  • With full sail, they are faster, but less maneuverable. You are sailing at half-mast, improves maneuverability at the expense of speed.
  • In rough seas, it may happen that you are off course. You should then drop the sails completely and wait until the Wind dies down.
  • With the book from the Harbor master for Upgrades to buy, in order to increase the manoeuvrability and the cannons and cannon balls, upgrade to increase damage on attacks.

Tip 7 - it's easy money in Assassins Creed 3

You have some options to make money fast:
  • In addition to missions to finish
  • Couriers ambushed
  • Treasure chests to find
  • Templar convoys Rob
  • Sell items via a convoy
  • Recruits Jobs grant