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Arcania - Gothic 4: What you should know about the game

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Arcania is officially referred to as Gothic 4, has, however, been of a different Studio than the first three parts. What are you expected to learn in the following practice tip.

Arcania and Gothic series

Many years ago, a German Single-Player role-playing game, developed by JoWood and Piranha Bytes was created. This game is called Gothic was a huge success and had two successors. Now increased by Piranha Bytes and JoWood went with the famous Studio Spellbound continues the series with Arcania: Gothic 4 to expand.

  • The Gothic series had ultimately suffered from the many mistakes, so that Gothic 3 was to big and too error-prone.
  • Gothic has always lived by the living world, of the interaction, a day-night rhythm, and the many Easter Eggs and Gimmicks.
  • While Piranha Bytes were able to transfer these virtues in the new series, "Risen," remained Arcania the virtues of loyalty.
  • The claim is high and the error, unfortunately, numerous. Add to that the game world is much steered. While you could run in Gothic and Risen adrift for a long time, this is in Arcania is not possible.
  • In the design of the Arcania world is criticized by Fans that the world is too large and to explore it a little.
  • The world is nicely designed, but stumbling blocks such as low walls, over which they cannot jump or invisible barriers, in which they hang.
  • Positive however is that you no longer have to search for trainers and their skills, spells and weapon skills in the game develop further.
Beautiful and dangerous the world of Arcania: Gothic 4 is Image: steampowered.com