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American Football, explains: basic rules for the Super Bowl

  • Jan 24, 2021
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The Super Bowl is not just in the US, a major event. Also in Germany, more and more people pursue the Sport Event. To be able to the most important Football game of the year join the conversation, we explain the most important rules.

Football rules - simply explained

The Super Bowl is a world-wide Mega-Event and is also becoming ever more popular. Famous the final of the U.S. Pro League NFL for his famous half-time show. However, American Football is not common in us - which can lead to confusion in the rules. The sports is not all that complicated.

First of all, the aim of the game is gain more points than the opposing team. The game is divided into four Quarters, 15 minutes each time (game time).

The playing field is 100 Yards (approximately 91 meters) long and 53 Yards (about 49 meters) wide and has on both Ends of the so-called Endzones with high gates. To get points the space must be conquered, so with the Football ball in the Endzone of the other team to be penetrated.

For eleven players for each Team on the field, one in Offense (attacking), and the other in Defense have to defend (themselves).

As there is in Football infinitely many rules, the game often to outsiders, initially chaotic. The basic rules are easy to understand:

  • For a Touchdown is the highest score. 6 points will be awarded if a Team manages to get the Ball in the end zone of the opposing team, or to catch within the end zone of a Pass.
  • Extra point: The Team, the Touchdown score has the Chance of another extra point to get a player the Ball after the Touchdown of the 15-Yard line by the Torstäbe kicks.
  • Two Point Conversion: this Is rarely used, but in a tight game will be crucial. Here, the team dispensed with the Kick for the extra point and plays again (from the 2-Yard-line) at Touchdown. This succeeds, the team gets an additional 2 points.
  • The Field Goal , the player manages the Ball through the bars of the gate to kick. For this, the Team gets 3 points.
  • When a First Down is the attempt of the attacking team is referred to, within 4 plays 10 Yards to overcome. If you are you still in possession of the ball and get another First Down.
  • A Punt is mostly in place, if the 10 Yards within the first three Attempts will not be achieved. Because the fourth attempt fails, the opponent from the current venue of attack. When you Punt the Ball is shot as far as possible in the opponent's half of the field. The opponent then has to start from further back from his attack.
  • In order to come in possession of the ball, can play the Team, the Defense, try the passes of the other team to intercept. Manage to do that, it is called Interception and the attack the right switches.
  • Another possibility of the attack right to one's own advantage to change the Fumble, in which a player of the Ball from the Hand is beaten.
A Quarterback, in possession of the ball

Time of the game and other rules

Some peculiarities can confuse German spectators when watching an American Football game. For example, the time is not running, as in football through and through, but always stopped again. This can happen if the Ball flies into the or, a Pass does not arrive and touched the ground.

Other important rules also apply to the Pause of the time:

  • There are so-called Time-Outs in Football. Each Team stands two Times in the game, to stop time and to tactically re-arrange.
  • In addition, the time by the so-called Challenge will be stopped. The coach, standing at the edge of the field, has a red bag in Hand. If he does fall this means that a referee's decision by the video evidence will be examined.
  • If, after four quarters of no winner, it comes to Overtime. It will be played 15 minutes. It is through coin toss, which Team should attack. In the case of a Touchdown the Game is over immediately, in the case of a Field Goal the opposing Team in possession of the ball.
  • The are Far from all the rules, but should be enough to Join the conversation during the game.
A Football Team comes on the playing field

Important game items that you should know

Like in football there are also in American Football the various positions that the players of a team.

  • The most Important is the Quarterback. He decides which trains to be played and is the conductor in the attack. At the beginning of a Turn, he is thrown the Ball and he keeps it, runs itself (rare), pass it, or pass it to other players.
  • The front in the middle is the Center. He has at the beginning of the Turn, the Ball, and throws it through his legs to the Quarterback.
  • The running back stands at the beginning next to the Quarterback and is responsible with the Ball through the Defense to race. Like all the others in the attack position, he is allowed to catch a Pass and then race. Short passes to the running back to be used as a tactical Surprise.
  • If the Quarterback of a long Pass is most of the Wide receivers who catch him to. He should carry the Ball in the end zone or catch a Touchdown can be achieved.
  • The Tight End is supposed to passports take or try, the Defense to block.
  • The players of the team, the Defense is trying to get the Offense to prevent room-to-win. At the beginning of the game turn, you try to bring the Quarterback to the ground before he can fit the Ball further.
  • The Video at the top of the Text has come to us from youknow provided. On their Youtube channel to find more great Explainer Videos.
A game from the top