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Water for cleaning: The 3 best methods at a Glance

  • Jan 15, 2021
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You are on the go or traveling, it may be necessary to purify water to make it drinkable. In a few countries the water quality is up to the usual Standards of the German population. What methods are suitable for the cleaning, you will learn in this practical tip.

Purify water: by boiling

Simply boil the water to kill existing bacteria, or parasites.

  • To clean the water effectively, it needs to cook for at least 15 minutes bubbly. After that, all of them are pathogenic killed germs.
  • If there are solids in the water, leave the boiled water for a while, until the materials settle.
  • Sift the water through a clean cloth. After that, you can drink the water without any risk for your health.

Water cleaning with special tablet

Special tablets can you in the cleaning water will help.

  • The purification tablets kill water bacteria present. Against a visible impurity, you will not help however.
  • For this reason, you should filter the water first through a clean cloth.
  • Then, you give the cleaning tablet according to instructions of the manufacturer, in the water. Most of the cleaning tablets do not work best when the water is very cold.
  • Note that it takes about half an hour, until the water of bacteria, is exempt.
  • In addition, you have to expect this type of cleaning so that your water tastes a bit to chlorine.
Water for cleaning: The 3 best methods at a Glance (Image: Pixabay)

Water Filter use for cleaning

Can the filters that you know from home, are not suitable for the purification of drinking water. For this purpose there is a need for a special Filter.

  • To clean water with the help of Filters and to get rid of bacteria, if the Filter has a pore size of about 0.1 micrometer.
  • In well-stocked shops for Outdoor accessories you will find special bottlesin which these special filters are fitted. Here are bacteria in the filter material even hanging.

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