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Thermomix: Alternatives in the Overview

  • Aug 10, 2020
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The kitchen machine Thermomix delights in every household, great popularity. Therefore, many clients embark on the search for Alternatives, as the high price deters many customers.

Thermomix Alternatives to the Original

Many users appreciate the multi-functionality of the Thermomix. Whether it's crushing, heating, boiling or mixing: The kitchen appliance provides more comfort in the preparation of food and drinks. Nevertheless, the car more and more manufacturers of the Original and offer cheaper Alternatives to.

The Quigg-kitchen machine from Aldi

At the Quigg-kitchen machine is, unlike many other clones, a Wi-Fi connection built in, which is why even with the Smartphone with an appropriate App can be connected.

  • Unlike the Original, the ability to weigh the contents directly in the mixer is missing here.
  • The device is at Aldi for 229 €.

Jupiter Thermo Master Plus

The company Jupiter offers with your thermo master, Plus a much cheaper model than the market leader.

  • The buildingis a total neat, if not the Original comparable.
  • A connection via WLAN is not possible here.
  • With the machine there is a additional cook book is also available.
  • For 250 € you get a simple operating principle 3 different buttons that facilitate the handling of the machine.
Kitchen machines - here we will show Alternatives to Thermomix
(Image: Pixabay)

Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine Connect from Lidl

Similar to the competitors Aldi, it has also Lidl does not take a similar model on the market.

  • In contrast to the Quigg has the Silvercrest from Lidl but the possibility of the contents in the container to weigh.
  • With a speed of up to 5200 Revolutions per Minute, it can't compete with the Original, this creates double the number, though.
  • For the 289 € to get a color touch displayand a Wi-Fi function, with the help of the model to a very customer-friendly acts.

Rosenstein & sons TKM 2015

A great advantage of this machine is the high efficiency.

  • With 500 watts to the Mix, you can enjoy delicious food.
  • A scale is integrated in the device also.
  • For the first Test in the kitchen, the device is suitable, in the case of a comparatively very cheap price, perfect.
  • With 168 € it is the cheapest model.