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Pumpkin soup in the Thermomix to prepare - how it works

  • Jan 17, 2021
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The preparation of pumpkin soup in the Thermomix is easy. In our recipe, we show what you need and how to set up your Thermomix correctly.

Pumpkin soup from the Thermomix - these are the ingredients you will need

You want to prepare a pumpkin soup for four people, you can take our amount of information. You have more or less guests, calculate the amounts of Ingredients accordingly up or down.

  • For pumpkin soup you will need as a basis, of course, a pumpkin. Well-suited is Hokkaido, but also other varieties of Pumpkin can be used.
  • The delicious Hokkaido you do not need to peel. You can use this pumpkin with a bowl of food.
  • You need 750 grams of pumpkin meat. I want you to prepare in addition, a clove of garlic, a slice of fresh ginger and a peeled and quartered onion.
  • For the soup you will also need 10 grams of Oil, 750 milliliters of vegetable broth 120 grams of feta cheese, and for Seasoning a pinch of nutmeg and a teaspoon of black pepper.

Pumpkin soup preparation in the Thermomix

You have prepared the necessary ingredients, the preparation of the pumpkin soup in the blender a breeze.

  • Add the garlic cloves, the onion and the ginger in the mixing bowl. A set of six seconds at level 5.
  • Turn off the unit, push the ingredients with the spatula to the bottom and set the device again for six seconds at level 5.
  • In the next step, you add olive Oil and sweat the ingredients for four minutes on Varoma and level 2.
  • Next, add the diced pumpkin flesh. Set the Thermomix again four minutes on Varoma level 2.
  • Now add the broth and a pinch of nutmeg in the mixing bowl and cook the soup for 15 minutes at 90 degree level 2.
  • The pumpkin is now soft enough, the soup can be pureed. This is achieved with the Thermomix on speed 8 for about 30 seconds.
  • The pumpkin soup is almost ready. It still lacks the coarse crushed black pepper and coarse-diced feta cheese. Enter these ingredients into the mixing bowl and set the Thermomix for 2 minutes at 92 degrees.
  • Puree the mass is then again twenty seconds on level 8, is the pumpkin soup is ready and on plates or in bowls done be.
Pumpkin soup in the Thermomix to prepare - so simple it works (Image: Pixabay)