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Oats: interesting facts about the grain

  • Jul 08, 2020
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Oats is described as healthy, wholesome and valuable minerals supplier. We have summarized for you about the wonder-grain. Oats helps in weight loss and provides your body with important nutrients.

Oats: The better cereal

When you talk about oats, you mean, presumably, the seed-oats. This is grown as a Crop, processed and eaten. In comparison with other types of cereal, cut the oats in very good overall and was appointed as a medicinal plant of the year.

  • Oats belongs to the plant genus Avena, a subspecies of grasses. To belong to this genus of plants, about 20-25 different species of plants. Avena sativa is one of them and referred to the used by us for seed oats.
  • The positive properties of the seed oats were already recognized in the early bronze age and used. The targeted research, breeding and exploitation was, however, until later. The consumption of oats contributes to a reduction of cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Also in the field of production of Medicines and as animal feed, is used on oats.
  • Healthy ingredients such as Biotin, zinc, iron, Magnesium, and vitamins B1 and B6 help the oats in the upper ranks of the cereal-health-Charts. Oats is also a good energy, fibre and Protein. Not without reason was the seed-oats, therefore, the medicinal plant of the year named. This was done in 2017 by the interdisciplinary study group development history of medicinal plants studies at the Institute for the history of medicine of the University of W├╝rzburg.
Things to know about the grain oats
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Oats for growing and processing: what you should know

Not only of the special positive qualities, but also the easy mounting make the oats a perfect all-rounder. Fertilizing with manure contributes to a yield increase, however, you should additionally use a nitrification inhibitor to an optimal pH value to ensure.

  • You should sow the seeds of oats already in the beginning of March, in order to achieve an ideal plant growth. Temperatures of around 4 degrees Celsius, prepare the oats growth, no problems. High precipitation amounts are more likely to be of advantage, particularly during the germination phase.
  • Light soils, i.e. soils with a high Sand content are suitable for the Oats well. This is especially in the case of clay soils the case. Oat is also suitable for the re-appointment of fallow land.
  • In rotation, we recommend the sowing of oats to the cultivation of potatoes, Corn or rye. You should grow the oats, however, are only every 3 years. A sowing depth of three to four centimeters, is for the oats-seeds optimally. At the time of sowing amount, the principle of "less is more"applies.
  • After the harvest, the grain cleaning and drying. The grains can then be processed by Grinding, rolling, Squeezing, or crushing on. We recommend the gentle further processing of the oat grains by means of a Flaker.
  • From the grown seed oats products are very diverse. Among the most famous products of straw, for example, pasta, oatmeal, gruel goods, oatmeal, but also drinks oat-based, as well as various chemicals.
The proper cultivation of oats
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