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Low-calorie grilling - with Tricks without remorse feast

  • Apr 11, 2021
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Eat tasty and still low in calories barbecue – they have nothing to do. Your Barbecue is also no fat a treat, if you follow a few small Tricks.

Low calorie cooking: With these Tricks, no Problem

With the following tips, you go to a barbecue in a relaxed way without Counting calories.

  • Meat: choose leaner meats such as chicken or lamb instead of Steak or pork. With the right choice of Meat will save you in the Bratwurst calories.
  • Meat marinate: Place the meat yourself, instead of it already ready marinated to buy. Select healthy, less calorie-rich ingredients. For example, use lots of fresh herbs, garlic and a little olive oil.
  • Quark: Put instead of the herb butter herb quark. Thus less fat and more healthy protein comes to your plate. Mix this low-fat quark with fresh herbs of your choice and season with salt and pepper.
  • BBQ sauces: avoid industrially-produced products. This also includes flavour or preservatives in addition to sugar and fat. BBQ sauces do-it-yourself is easy and healthier.
  • Mustard: Use mustard instead of Mayonnaise. Due to the sharpness of your metabolism is stimulated and fat burning accelerated.

For more lean ideas for the barbecue

Also, the supplements calories the easy way, save.

  • Let the bread away or grab as an alternative to Low-Carb bread.
  • Grilled vegetables, healthy side dishes with lots of vitamins and few calories are skewers.
  • In addition to lettuce, tomato or cucumber salad you can low-calorie pasta salad and serve.
Low-calorie grilling: Access to sausages made from lamb or poultry meat (Image: Sandra MacPherson)