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Knife grinding: The best sharpening tools for knives

  • Jul 07, 2020
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You grind your knife regularly, cutting them also well. What are the suitable grinding tools are particularly good for this task, you will learn in this kitchen tip.

Knife grinding knife grinder

A knife grinder is a handy kitchen utensil.

  • A simple pull-through grinder allows for quick Sharpening of the knife. The application is very simple and also for Beginners no Problem.
  • The disadvantage of these cheap devices is that the sharpness is usually of short duration. You can also sharpening very hard Blades hardly really right.
  • A slightly more expensive option is the electric knife sharpener. With such a device, the grinding is still faster. The result is better than with a pull-Through sharpener.

Grinding rod for Sharpening in between

The grinding rod is the further development of the well-known Wetzstahls. The Form and application are the same. However, the Grinding is much finer in the grain.

  • These grinding tools are ideal for quick resharpening in between.
  • This type of grinding is gentle on the blade and the result is far better than that of a pull-through grinder.
  • However, this method is not for dull kitchen, or pocket knives are suitable. This you do not get the sharpener is sharp.
For Sharpening knives, there are different grinding tools
(Image: Nicole Hery-MoƟmann)

The best results with the sharpening stone

Particularly high-quality knives, you should sharpen with a grinding stone.

  • Grinding stones with different grits. So you can sharpen your knife in several phases and really keen to get.
  • It's the fine-tuning is the so-called "Belgian blocks" very popular and an excellent tool for this.
  • With grinding stones, you can achieve the best result, when it comes to Sharpening knives. However, dealing with these abrasive tools requires tools some Exercise.

The sharper a knife is, the easier it is to hurt. For this reason, we show in our next article, what you should do if you find yourself in the fingers to cut in.