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Herbal liqueur do it yourself - how to

  • Jul 15, 2020
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To make herbal liqueur itself is multi-useful. It tastes delicious, is medicated and in a few steps made.

Ingredients to make a herbal liqueur yourself

Against each of the aches and pains of an herb is grown. And in fact, the aromatic plants on the forest and Meadow will help us to stay healthy and to activate our self-healing powers.

  • Freshly picked herbs: a handful of sage, mint, southernwood, lemon balm, dandelion flowers, lady's mantle, red clover blossoms, Pointed, and broad plantain, bedstraw, nettle, lemon balm, Speedwell, wild carrot, and motherwort.
  • Dried spices: 1/2 teaspoon of anise and fennel, two berries, cardamom and juniper berry.
  • 1 Liter of grain and 150g brown Sugar1 large approach glass with a minimum of 2 liters of capacity.
  • Please only use the wild herbs that you can determine, without a doubt.
  • You can also omit it like herbs or other add. According to your taste.
Freshly picked herbs such as dandelion, red clover, bedstraw, and lemon balm are the basis to make herbal liqueur itself.
(Picture: Irmgard Butter)

Preparation of the self-made herbal liqueur

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You can fill herbs, spices, and sugar in a approach glass.

You can fill herbs, spices, and sugar in a approach glass.

You give the alcohol to the herb - sugar mixture.

You give the alcohol to the herb - sugar mixture.

You have collected all the herbs, it only needs a couple of handles and a bit of patience, to the self-made herbal liqueur.

  • The herbs, spices and the brown sugar in a approach glass. Do not wash the herbs.
  • Pour the alcohol into the glass, seal it and shake everything well.
  • They make the glass for six weeks in a Sunny window seat. Shaking daily.
  • Strain again through a Filter and pour. You can, for example, a coffee filter use.
  • Is the liqueur for you tastes tart yet, add boiled sugar water.
  • You can prepare the liqueur, without sugar. Put the herbs and spices without the brown sugar.

Effect on health

The self-made herbal liqueur carries the concentrated healing power of plants.

  • The liqueur is perfect to enhance digestion. For a drink after a hearty meal soothes the stomach.
  • Your circulation will be stimulated. The active ingredients in the plants, but also the alcohol. If you feel tired and sluggish, makes a drink of the herbal liqueur they fit again.
  • The herbs in the liqueur deliver many Bitter tannins. The rid the body of toxins and excess water.
  • You will enjoy a daily maximum of a glass of home-made herbal liqueur.