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Chocolate fondue: The best tips

  • Aug 11, 2020
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Chocolate fondue is a popular Dessert at birthdays and weddings, but also a special Dessert for new year's eve, Easter or Christmas. We give you the best advice, with which it is to be at home a complete success.

The perfect chocolate fondue

We will show you the best tips for a successful chocolate fondue.

  • For the preparation of the chocolate mass, melt 200 g of chocolate 200 g of cream in a water bath. Mix Both well. After melting the mass by using the fondue flame kept warm.
  • There are all kinds of chocolate, whether dark, whole milk or even mixed varieties. The higher the quality the chocolate is, the better the resulting taste.
  • For a special taste experience you can of the chocolate, for example, grated coconut, sugar sprinkles, instant coffee powder, a few drops of liqueur, red wine, orange juice or other Extras to add.
  • If there is no fondue skewers are available, you can also simply use forks for Dipping into the Fondue.
  • In the case of the ideas, what can be found in the chocolate dip, the possibilities are almost limitless. Especially popular is the fruit in bite-sized pieces, but also biscuits, Marshmallows, white bread cubes, dried fruits and crackers make good.
  • Even unusual ideas such as ginger pieces, figs or gummy bears are possible – let your creativity run free and decide from the gut, what is in the liquid chocolate to dip want to.