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Beer brewing: you should be aware of

  • Jan 13, 2021
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If you want to brew beer yourself, you need a lot of patience and the right ingredients. What should you consider, and what ingredients you need, read in the following practice tip.

Beer brewing you need

If you have your own beer brewing, there are different Sets, in which almost everything is. You need to have in your kitchen, in principle, only a big pot, a funnel, a ladle, a strainer, water, a little sugar, and empty bottles.

  • First you need to heat the water with the malt. As a result, the sugar is dissolved, later to become alcohol and carbon dioxide arise. This process is called "mashing".
  • When you "Purify" is used to wash the residual sugar of the malt, and by separating the liquid from the malt.
  • Then yeast is added, which processed the sugar and the beer wort and bitter substances.
  • These processes take several hours, during which time you must again and again the temperature control. Depending on the mixture of other ingredients yet to come.
  • A brewing kit will be enough for eight litres of beer. Most of the parts you can clean and re-use. The actual ingredients such as malt, yeast and hops you can buy, but also individually.

The beer

The yeast is produced from the malt water, alcohol and carbon dioxide. This process is called fermentation, where you realize at the beginning due to the high turbidity in the green-brown liquid, no beer.

  • The more malt and sugar, add in the different steps, the more alcohol your beer will be included.
  • After a few weeks of fermentation in the keg or in a bottle, you can fill the beer in beer bottles. Then let it a few more weeks to Mature. Here, the temperature of the room is important. The young should be beer "quiet".
  • To stop the fermentation process, you can make your beer cold. Enjoy your home-brewed favorite beer with friends.
  • Tip: If you have bottles, you need not necessarily buy New. Get a case of beer, clean the empty bottles and use them again.
At the beginning of the fermentation, one can see no beer. (Image: Oliver March)

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