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Window replacement cost-an Overview

  • Sep 21, 2020
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You want to replace the Windows in your household, you need to calculate with different cost. Therefore, we will show you an Overview of the costs incurred in the following practice tip.

Window replacing - these are the costs incurred by

Costs not incurred in an exchange of the window next to the Windows for the workers, if you take on this task themselves. In the case of an exchange of older Windows, you can also benefit a lot.

  • A replacing your Windows is worth it, especially if they have been installed before 1995. From the time namely the window with a much better insulation were installed and since then it has been in the reduction of Heating costs.
  • For the replacement of a window you will need 2 to 4 hours of working time, and always needed 2 people.
  • The working hour of a craftsman on average, it costs 40 to 50 Euro, but can be in the big cities even more expensive. This will take you to about 100 to 200 Euro cost per window, depending on the time and size.
  • Most of the cost of the window itself. Small 50 x 50cm window will start from 200 Euro. The usual window for the living rooms start at 300 euros and can cost up to more than 600 Euro.
  • In addition, even in addition to cost in the range of the required materials. So you need to keep and sometimes also the costs for Assembly foam, and the like in the view.
  • In addition, make sure that in the case of larger distances, it is often how to get there by the craftsmen for the invoice is made. This can vary depending on the environment.
  • For units with above-average size, or with doors, you need to take 1000 to 2000 Euro in the light. The prices of all the window may vary with different materials and functions.
  • Special sizes and shapes must be made by a specialist separately and may, depending on the manufacturer and preferences are also significantly more expensive.

In the next practical tip we show you how to Ihre window seal can.