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Vegetables on the balcony grow - these varieties are suitable

  • Jan 18, 2021
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You can use your balcony, but also as a vegetable garden. So, you can provide from spring to autumn itself. We introduce you to 5 suitable vegetables and their cultivation.

Vegetables for the balcony: tomatoes

The tomato belongs to the nightshade family, and provides a good harvest. The annual Plant can tolerate however, no direct rain, and should therefore be in a covered place.

  • Sowing: We recommend, with sowing in February and March to begin. Win tomato seeds , either from tires, purchased fruit, or from a Garden store.
  • Planting: Place the seeds on the moistened earth, and cover the jar with cling film or a freezer bag. You are not, or only very lightly cover them with soil, the seeds of tomato, because tomatoes are light germinators.
  • Later, plant the tomatoes in bigger pots and put these in a shady and warm place. In addition, the plants need a trellis. At this tie the tomatoes regularly so they will bend.
  • Watering: Water the tomatoes regularly. The earth should not be too wet and not too dry. Do not pour over the leaves of the tomato plant, because there are diseases such as brown rot can occur.
  • Care: in addition to shoots between the main stem and leaf axils point, you should as early as possible, to remove. By the Ausgeizen the tomato branches is not so strong, and the fruit aromatic.
Especially popular as a vegetable on the balcony tomatoes are (Image: Pixabay)

The pea as a point of view of protection

You been keeping up with their leaf tendrils to wooden rods or bars, and is one of the lips bl├╝tlern. The pea plant produces pods, which you can enjoy as a small Protein Snack.

  • Sowing: peas sown in late April to mid-may from. You can use boxes here, the best depth of the balcony or you can sow a Few seeds in a large pot.
  • Planting: The seeds should be about 2 inches of earth covered his. In addition to covering you don't have the peas to sprout. Sprinkle the earth regularly so that it remains moist.
  • Tip: the plants Are about 10 to 15 cm, pile up the peas with a bit of earth. To promote the growth of the upper roots and get a stable Plant.
  • A trellis for the peas to be particularly important. You can do this by, for example, use bamboo sticks or metal rods.
The pea pods contain round seeds and vary in size (Image: Pixabay)

Crisp bell peppers or Chili

Also a Solanaceae and very robust against plant diseases, the pepper is. Depending on how the fruit looks like and which properties it has, they are also referred to as a Chili.

  • Seed: The Paprika or Chili you can from seed, the purchased pods are included. To do this, place a night in the water. All the seeds that float to the top, you can dispose of with safety. All other sow them in a large bowl. Wrap the bowl with a freezer bag and seal it with a rubber band.
  • Repotting: After 1 to 2 weeks to show the first seedlings. Sort out the best ones and plant them in individual pots. You provide the pots with a stick and tie the plant loosely to it.
  • Watering: All varieties of peppers tolerate direct sun and moderate watering. On particularly warm days you should water the plants a little more.
  • Once the vegetable has the typical coloring, you can harvest. The Harvesting of Chili peppers , it is advisable to gloves to wear.
Chili seedlings should be very bright and the direct sun light can be used to (Image: Anna-Sophie Levin)

Cucumber on the balcony

Here, we don't mean the lettuce cucumber, because it only thrives in the greenhouse. For the balcony, the group of Inserts is suitable - or even pickles. The are usually quite small and can all be couple of days harvested.

  • Cultivation: In the cultivation similar to that in the case of the pea before. You have a smaller balcony, sow only one seed. A Plant will bring you enough income and thrives individually, most of them much better.
  • The cucumber is in the gardens, mostly on the ground climbed up grown. But with a sturdy structure, you can cultivate the Plant on the balcony.
  • Pour: The pumpkin plant makes yellow star-shaped flowers, and loves the water. Let the earth here, too, never quite drying out.
  • Harvest: Harvest the cucumbers when the fruit is about 15 centimeters long. The longer the fruits remain on the Plant, the more watery they taste.
Your grown, you can cucumber insert (Image: Pixabay)

Radishes on the balcony grow

In the case of the Radish you harvest the reddish colored main root. Also the leaves can process them as a salad.

  • Sowing: The round seeds are sown at a distance of about 4 centimeters, and cover with a little earth. You sow too close, you need to transplant the seedlings after germination and thinning.
  • Watering: Provide the plants daily with water and guarantee you a good outcome.
  • Harvest: your first radish harvest, you can already have in the February break-in. After sowing, it takes only two to three weeks until the small radish is ready to harvest.
  • Let the Radishes continue to grow, can expand the roots to the side a little. They are still edible, but can be a bit woody.
Radishes are great for summer salads (Image: Pixabay)