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Vegan power: he is made

  • Aug 10, 2020
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Vegan power is based on a Trend of our time, to live more consciously and healthier. How this is made, you will learn in this article.

Current sources, which are considered to be not vegan

Why are some methods of power generation as a vegan and the other not - we say it to you.

  • Electricity from nuclear power is for Vegans, in addition to the risks of radioactive Material, especially because of the heat problematic. This heats the river water, which can lead to large fish kills. Thus, nuclear power is considered to be non-vegan.
  • Electricity from coal-fired power is also not a vegan power. To be destroyed for the extraction of coal, large areas of nature, and thus the habitat of many animals. On the other, the groundwater level to drop, so through free whitening substances, the sulphate load in the rivers is increasing.
  • Also electricity from wind power is of vegans avoided. Wind parks in the sea to destroy the local Ecosystem, birds can collide with the rapidly rotating rotors. It can also flake off of the ice and the animals on the ground to hurt or kill.
  • Electricity from hydropower is produced, is also not vegan. All the necessary dams have whole regions drying up, and fish can come on the turbines die, or no longer to their spawning grounds.
  • Natural gas is not vegan, since Pipelines can kill the habitat of fish destroy, and Gaslecke many animals.

Vegan Sources Of Power

If you want to buy its electricity from vegan sources, it has 2 options.

  • Electricity from solar energy is vegan, as it is an environmental friendly and climate-neutral method is and should arzellen in any way animals affect.
  • Also, Biogas is vegan, but not from extra planted plants or animal waste from factory farming, but from sugar-beet chips. These arise as waste in the sugar production and can be used for the production of Biogas.
Solar energy is the most common source of vegan power.
(Image: Pixabay)

In the next article, we will discuss, if Glycerin is vegan or not.