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T-Shirt with holes: So you avoid the Problem

  • Jul 15, 2020
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A T-Shirt with small holes is not uncommon. You want to avoid this Problem, you should know the possible causes for these damages. We will show you what errors there are in the handling of the clothes and how you can prevent it.

T-Shirt with holes after Washing

You will discover small holes in your clothes, assume you will probably first moth as the culprit. More likely other reasons for the damage to T-Shirts, however, are responsible.

  • The favorite Shirt with small holes from the washing machine, it is usually in often the committed wash-errors.
  • In the washing machine, lock the hook of the Bras, or the sharp-edged caps of pants can cause smaller holes.
  • The Problem is easy to fix. You can use a Laundry bag for Bras before you put them in the drum.
  • Close the zipper of your Jeans and other pants before you wash them. Don't forget to flip the little slider on the zipper.
  • Your washing machine is older, it is worthwhile to look into the drum. Perhaps this is damaged with time and use. Then sharp edges which could damage the garments.

Other causes for the holes

Not always the mishap happened in the washing machine. While wearing, you can treat your clothes more gently.

  • Get your T-Shirts are always in the abdominal area of the holes, can the belt buckle be responsible for. You can wear the Shirt over the pants, rubbing the buckle constantly in one place.
  • This can be avoided by moving your belt from time to time a little. Then, the buckle rubs is not always in the same place.
  • You wear the Shirt in the pants, may be the zip is the culprit. When you Close the sharp teeth of the zipper can tear small holes in the T-Shirt.
  • Wear a navel piercing, this can also damage the clothing. Make sure that the navel jewelry has no sharp edges or tips.
T-Shirt with holes in it: Sometimes, belt buckles are responsible for
(Image: Pixabay)

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